Popular designs

Qaramy 600

Designed by Guillo Milia | Country: Argentina New packaging for exclusive Qaramy Winery. As its name implies there are only 600 bottles

Student Work – Nicklas Hellborg

Designed by Nicklas Hellborg | Country: Sweden Nicklas Hellborg is studying Graphic Media Production in Sweden and one of his projects was

Raw Health

Designed by Pearlfisher | Country: United Kingdom “New brand creation. Redefining the raw food movement, taking it from niche to a universally

Maison Orphée

Designed by lg2boutique | Country: Canada “Innovation on the shelves while quenching a thrist for consumer experimentation. Plan a brand strategy that


Designed by Tank Design | Country: Norway | Fonts: Neutraface, Farnham The brief: packaging for Halvors Tradisjonsfisk, an exclusive brand of fish