Popular designs

Polevskaya Varnya

Designed by Red Pepper | Country: Russia “Beer package concepts are usually very beautiful. But in reality, the Russian’s law demands placing


Designed by Sort Design | Country: Ireland | Font: Avenir “Co Couture produce award winning handmade chocolates and chocolate bars, supplying many


Designed by Hello | Country: United Kingdom “Mook is a powdered milk product used by caterers. We were briefed to produce a

Elyjah — Planet, Planet

Designed by Zwölf | Country: Germnay “After a split-7” release on Siluh, the debut album “Planet, Planet” (Klimbim Records/Cargo) put the spotlight

Coconut Collective

Designed by Marx Design | Country: New Zealand “Marx Design was asked to create a new Coconut Collective brand that would work