penny loafer

Popular designs

Organic Honey

Designed by Marcel Buerkle | Country: South Africa This elegangt, copy driven packaging concept is the work of South African based designer

Prismatique Sample Kit

Designed by Up Inc. | Country: Canada “Prismatique launched a new line of its Vidro glass-topped tables. This kit for sales reps

Kudos Beer

Designed by Ryan Martin | Country: United Kingdom “Kudos is a new beer product from Green Room Ales, it is revolutionary in

DUO Condoms

Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece “The briefing: DUO brand identity needs to be revised in order to update its worldwide look for new

Alice Chocolate

Country: Switzerland “From the matchbox-like packaging to the slender bars of dark chocolate contained within, Alice Chocolate is an exquisite treat through