Popular designs


Designed by (calcco) | Country: Spain “The Lamias are mythological characters often described with bird feet or fishtail. Typically female, and of extraordinary beauty,

Hatch Egg Coloring Kit

Designed by Hatch Design | Country: United States Each year, Hatch Design mails over 500 egg coloring kits. Recipients enter a photo

Flavorz* – Brand And Packaging Design

“The asterisk that accompanies the name is the graphic symbol that carries the other attributes that are inserted in the brand DNA and a way to say that Flavorz* is flavor and much more.”

L’Or de Jean Martell Cognac

Designed by Dragon Rouge | Country: France “Already one of the world’s leading brands of cognac and enjoying growing success in Asia,


Designed by Nestor Urdanpilleta | Country: Spain | Buy it “Alternativa 3, an organization working for Fair Trade since 1992, has come