Popular designs

Taylor’s Cider Champagne

Designed by Ruth Pearson | Country: United Kingdom “Lovingly made and hand crafted Champagne Cider, symbolised by a heart shaped apple.”


Designed by Nicklas Hellborg | Country: Norway “What would one of Norway’s leading advertising agencies be without it’s own homemade beer? Well,


Designed by Anna Geslev | Country: Israel Fun and colorful packaging for Igloo Ice Cream created by Israeli designer Anna Geslev.

Student Work – Lia McMillan

Designed by Lia McMillan | Country: Canada “The project was to create an environmentally sensitive package for a box of chocolates. Olmec Chocolates


Designed by Estudio Pedro González | Country: Spain The Barony of Turis Coop. V. needed to create a benchmark in the restoration wine sector. This could reposition themselves and change the perception that to date there was, both the brand and its products. We used the year of foundation as