Popular designs

Tracker Tecs

Designed by CJ Marxer | Country: United States An interesting shoe box for outdoor boots using a limited colour palette and a


Country: United Kingdom “CHOXI+ is the new antioxidant-rich chocolate. Only two squares provide all the antioxidants you need for a whole day.

Tequila 29

Designed by Casa Xplendor, MarkComm Marketing Agency & Oxigno Branding Agency | Country: Mexico “Tequila 29 Two Nine is a Blanco and

Only Good

Designed by Milk | Country: New Zealand “Our brief from long-term personal care client API was to deliver an eco-friendly, ‘department-store-type’ brand


Designed by Funny Paper | Country: Germany “Reishunger is a small rice brand that is based in Germany and is focused on authentic and