Popular designs

Lapp & Fao Syrups

Designed by Studio Chapeaux | Country: Germany “The story of Linvard Bo Lapp and his traveling companion Ephraim Fao is one of

Delishop Take Away

Designed by Enric Aguilera | Country: Spain “The new line of prepared dishes “Take Away” for Delishop based on the concept ‘urban

Graphos Playing Cards

Designed by Michelle Lam | Country: Canada “Graphos Playing Cards are designed to inspire other designers, and also lay people to be

Handsome Coffee Roasters

Designed by PTARMAK | Country: United States “Handsome needed a robust label system and an all purpose bag that could serve as


Designed by The Bold | Country: Russia “Grigory Perelman is a modern Russian mathematician who solved the legendary Poincaré conjecture, one of the