Popular designs

NewFish Packaging Design

Keeping up with the company’s sustainability efforts, Memory® used fully recyclable materials for the packaging. Furthermore, the use of bold color palettes and fish patterns enhances the look and feel of the packaging.


Designed by SDG | Country: Norway | Fonts used: Belizio “Rogaland Konservefabrikk is a small-scale producer that has been attracting devotees in

Divine Dairy

Designed by Frank Aloi | Country: Australia “I was approached by the award winning team at South Australian based Udder Delights, to


Designed by Kakoii | Country: Germany/Japan “DAS KORN (“The grain”) was designed by kakoii Berlin for the German Artist Theo Ligthart. The

Coma Fredosa

Designed by eStudio Calamar | Country: Spain/Berlin “For the design of this Coma Fredosa as well of that of other wines from the