Popular designs

Beyaz Firin Valentine’s Packaging

Designed by Karbon | Country: Turkey “Karbon’s customer ‘Beyaz Firin‘ is a bakery/patisserie in Istanbul, very well known by the residents of

Hatch Egg Coloring Kit

Designed by Hatch | Country: United States “It’s that time of year again… the 4th Annual Hatch Design Egg Coloring Contest has taken flight!

Ozone Coffee Cold Brew

Designed by Macfarlanes Assist | Country: New Zealand “The Ozone Coffee Cold Brew were designed to serve both New Zealand and United

Finca Nueva

Designed by (calcco) | Country: Spain “Development of packaging for a new brand of Rioja. Fresh design, funny, original, and away from the stereotypes

Bourgeois Brass Knuckle

Designed by Chromoly | Country: Canada “The Bourgeois Brass Knuckles are a cross between two iconic objects whose cultural and socio-economic associations