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Popular designs

Nuevas Rias

Designed by CB’a Design Solutions | Country: Spain “A range consisting of three references, each one showing off a unique colour. The transparency plays


Designed by Lavernia & Cienfuegos | Country: Spain “A mass-market range of cosmetic products for men that are exclusively distributed in more

Leu Wine

Designed by Die Medienagenten | Country: Germany “Tradition with a new face: Godfather at the naming of the trademark wines of the

Student Work – Amy Nortman

Designed Amy Nortman | United States “Bonafide is a concept brand and product line that I named and created from scratch. The

Student Work – Daran Brossard

Designed by Daran Brossard | Country: United States “Guerro’s Carrots started as a faceless yet tasty jar of pickled vegetables with only an