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Student Work – Kingston University

Designed by Kylie-Ann Homer, Sadie Hines-Dedman & Senwelo Foster | Country: United Kingdom “Rosy Lee’s Remarkable Remedy are soluble tea pills, which were

Jamaican Beer Red Stripe Redesigned By Bulletproof

Bulletproof reimagines the packaging of Red Stripe beer – makes it bolder. The new packaging redesign of the famous Jamaican beer, Red Stripe, symbolizes what the island nation stands for. Bulletproof brought out the boldness and passion of the country through the redesign.

Warner Edwards

Designed by Blue Marlin | Country: United Kingdom “It was Warner Edward’s unique brand story of friendship that inspired and guided the design. Tom

The Stallion Wine

Designed by Jordan Jelev | Country: Bulgaria “The Stallion Wine of Angelus Estate is positioned in exclusive super-premium class – an amazing


Designed by mousegraphics | Country: Greece “Harmonian, includes a wide range of special food, from olive oil, to flour, pasta, herb infusions, and fleur