White Wine

Popular designs

Jean-Georges Grapeseed Oil

Designed by Louise Fili | Country: United States “The design for this grapeseed oil for chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten combines a California and

Bellman Beer Packaging Design

Bellman approached Everland, a Scandinavian boutique agency, to create packaging designs that would reflect “the craft and care that goes into one of Sweden’s most classic beers.”

Brooklyn Fare Packaging Design

“We created an engaging brand voice and an irreverent tone that immediately set them apart. A custom typeface elevates the minimalist system and appears on everything from signage to advertising, packaging, and the website…”


Designed Anna Leushina | Country: Russia “T-shirts are packaged into recycled beer bottles, the most popular drink in underground culture. The bottles

Pepsi Raw

Designed by Ziggurat Brands | Country: United Kingdom Simple yet distinctive packaging design for Pepsi Raw, a Pepsi product made with no