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Popular designs

Children’s Tea

Designed by Sara Strand | Country: Sweden “Children’s Tea is the perfect choice for the young ones. All ingredients are organic and

Cuberdons Léopold

Designed by Jérôme Stéfanski | Country: Belgium “Cuberdons are traditional Belgian sweet born in the 19th century. Cuberdons Léopold is a yound and modern brand

Eighthirty Coffee Roasters

Designed by Butcher & Butcher ltd | Country: New Zealand “Originally designed in 2009 Eighthirty Coffee Roasters asked Butcher & Butcher ltd to refresh their packaging

1Litre Water

Designed by Perennial Design | Country: Canada “1 litre water company and their design team have invented the first bottle in the


Designed by Mash | Country: Australia “A new wine from Tupelo. First drowning in water, now sinking in quicksand. A different approach