Popular designs

Vaspiatta Coffee

Designed by Diferente | Country: Poland Warsaw based Diferente created these packages for Vaspiatta Coffee’s finest blend of Arabica coffee beans.

Choxie Signature

Designed by Target | Country: United States “In order to create a signature packaging system for Target’s private label premium chocolate line,

Snob Duck Handmade Soaps

Designed by Marios Karystios | Country: Greece “Vasilis Douros, decided to create a handmade soap made of the purest stuff. His admiration of animals, (especially ducks)

Conto Figueira

Designed by Moio Coletivo | Country: Brazil “This packaging is part of the collection of  brand work for Conto Figueira, Brazilian fashion

Student Work – Aveline Gunawan

Designed by Aveline Gunawan | Country: Australia “Bottle and 4 pack design for a premium Belgian beer. The aim was to differentiate the brand