Popular designs

Vogue Ephemere

Designed by Slava Fedutik | Country: Russia A beautiful cigarette packaging concept which feels heavily influenced by the flowing form of cigarette

Student Work – Susanna Tremaine

Designed by Susanna Tremaine | Country: United States “As a three book series about Vinyl covers of the seventies, this box set promotes

Milk Concept

Designed by David Fung | Country: United States | Fonts used: Archer “This was a personal experiment in form, function, and fun.

Zombie Tarot

Designed by Headcase Design | Country: United States “Quirk Books asked us to develop a zombie-themed tarot card deck. Rather than take

Cure Life Products

Designed by Dowling | Duncan | Country: United States “Cure is a company on a mission to make a difference. Their products cure