Vodka Packaging

Popular designs

Maverick Chocolate Co.

Designed by Jessica Jones | Country: United States “Maverick Chocolate Co. is a startup company that hand crafts finished bar in their

The Empiric

Designed by Hired Guns | Country: Canada “Hired Guns Creative provided the product naming, branding, and packaging design for The Empiric, a


Designed by Bisgràfic | Country: Spain “Instaquim is and industrial laundry detergent. The format and design of packaging does not renounce style in order to

Balthazar Gift Box

Designed by Christine Celic Strohl at Mucca Design | Country: United States Using the previously established and infamous Balthazar brand identity system

Chemistry Gin Packaging Design

Sustainability is at the core of Chemistry Gin, so the design agency used a “100% Estal Pharma Wild Glass recycled bottle with 100% cotton uncoated paper stock.” Furthermore, the creative studio used abstract orb illustrations, which blur “the line between pragmatic science and the pure joy of a well-mixed drink.”