10 Best Brand Designers Who Can Build Your Brand in 2022 at Freelance Price

When it comes to building your brand identity, it is best left to creative and professional brand designer – who know the art of giving your brand the visibility it requires in an ocean of brands. But, what is all this talk about building your brand or having a brand identity? Well, to put things into perspective, brand identity is what you want your customers to know about your brand. Brand identity includes everything from your brand’s name to the logo and packaging design. Successful brand identity design can lead to a prominent brand image and for achieving that you need professional brand designers who know how to design a brand’s identity.

Is building brand identity important?

Well if it was not, some of the best brands in the world would not have given it a second thought and I would not be writing about it! Some of the biggest brands have put in sleepless nights over building a brand’s image, which is directly the result of the brand’s identity. Not only is building your company’s identity important, but building one’s own brand too plays an important role in today’s day and age.

Getting the best brand identity design no more a headache

If getting a brand designer sounds like a headache then there is a way to sort this out. The best way to go about hiring a brand designer is to first find out what your plans with the brand are. The two possible outcomes could be:

1. You do not know where to begin


2. You know a thing or two about how you want your brand to turn out

You do not know where to begin

If you are just starting and do not know where to begin, the best idea would be to get your brand scored from a competent designer. You could start here: https://designconsult.typeform.com/to/LPbuKD . All you have to do is answer a series of questions and upload your company logo. A designer will get back to you with your brand’s score. You can then choose to work on an array of designs to give your brand the push it may require

If you are unsure about where you want to take your brand, you could enter into a brand design contest. All you have to do is create a brand brief and brand designers from all around the world will pitch their ideas. The only thing left from here on is to zero down on the idea or the pitch you loved the most.

You know a thing or two about how you want your brand to turn out

If you already know what you want, a skilled creative designer could help elevate your thoughts on building your brand’s identity. Working one-on-one with a designer will allow you to see better versions of your thoughts being put on paper. A designer will ensure that the ultimate vision you have about your brand is put together to your satisfaction and needs. Designbro has the best designers from around the world and can help build your brand’s identity in 2022.

DesignBro can brag about some of the finest designers available today. Brand designers at DesignBro are handpicked after several rounds of screening.

How does DesignBro select the best brand designers?

Experience: If a designer is great at creating logos, it does not mean they would be equally great at creating a website. We understand that each designer has their area of speciality hence we test them according to their area of expertise. We also consider the number of years they have put into their chosen area of expertise.

Level of expertise: One of the most important parameters used by our in-house design experts is the level of skills that a designer possesses. The evaluation process is rigorous and each designer’s portfolio is filtered based on:

  • Creativity
  • Concept
  • Technical application

Understanding of design aesthetics: The advantage of knowing the level of skill a designer possesses will allow you to choose from the array of designers based on your requirements and budget.

Competence: One of the key factors while filtering designers is to gaze at their level of competence. Competence includes communication skills, adherence to deadlines and receptiveness. So when you hire a designer from DesignBro you know that the designer is not only world class but also adept in handling himself professionally.

What you should consider when hiring a brand designer?

The process of picking the right designer for your brand can be tricky and time consuming. However a few pointers can help you find the kind of designer you are looking for.

Look for variety in their samples: If you are looking for a designer to help you from scratch, then you should look for a designer with diversity. A designer who has diverse designs in his portfolio can see the bigger picture and tie the smaller elements together to come up with picture perfect designs.

Are your brand and the designer on the same page? One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is what you want your brand to convey. If you want your brand to be contemporary and edgy then it does not make sense to hire a designer with a portfolio of conventional designs. It is important for you and your designer to be on the same page as far as exchange of ideas are concerned.

Understand your brand’s needs: One of the most crucial factors while considering a designer is to understand what your brand’s needs are. A coffee shop’s design needs will be different from a company building computers. If you are an online retail company, then you should look for someone with a lot of experience in the e-commerce space. Once you understand your brand’s needs, the journey will only get easier.

The 10 best brand designer who can build your brand identity in 2022

DesignBro.com has some of the most recognized designers from the world who are ready to help you with building your brand’s identity. Our designers have been put through many tests and have qualified to be recognized as the best. Here is a list of top 10 designers who are capable of changing your brand’s identity.

10. AndreaS: Creator of contemporary logos and brand identities, AndreaS is an ace performer when it comes to designing. This design wizard has worked for some of the best brands from around the world. AndreaS’ designs have a global appeal since they are of minimal and reductive style. This graphic wizard from North Macedonia has worked with clients across geographical locations.

Brand Designer AndreaS Designs

9.  INK: The UK based creative studio is a one-stop shop for all your designing needs. With over 10 years of experience in the creative industry, Ink has produced some of the finest works including Debra Kristi, Jack Knight and Evan’s Family Variety Show. Ink is truly a global company that is available to work for anyone from anywhere in the world.

Brand Designer Ink Designs

8. Pedro: From Titan Title to Optimetry, this wizard of creative designs has done it all.  Passionate about graphic designing and life, Pedro’s ambition is to make the world more beautiful. Pedro is indeed making the world more beautiful through his breathtaking designs.

Brand Designer Pedro Designs

7. Anh Do: From Vital Ladies Club to Absolution Fitness, Anh Do has created timeless designs to die for. An artist with an abstract approach, Anh Do focuses on out of the box designs. This magician from Vietnam is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with.

Brand Designer Anh Do Designs

6. Broodmethod: Broodmethod has a method that is unique and stands out from the crowd. From Amsterdam Cosmetics Company to Midsouth Blast, Broodmethod has created both world-class and timeless designs. Minimalistic and modern in approach, Broodmethod has a safe pair of hands when it comes to designing and lifting a brand’s identity.

Brand Designer Broodmethod Designs

5. Nick: The Germany based creative designer, Nick has a knack of creating out of the box designs. Specialist in branding and illustration, Nick has designed for Paula Valdez, Swingland and N3 Cyber Security. Nick is available to work for anyone from around the world.

Brand Designer Nick Designs

4. d:p: An aspiring bender of reality, d:p has created astonishing work of art with his creative designs. Minimalistic, timeless, modern and sometimes abstract, this genius from Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly a one-man powerhouse.  From designing logos for CasaClub and Acoustical Garden and brand identity for CostaCare and Ohana Discounts, d:p has outclassed his peers.

10 Best Brand Designers Who Can Build Your Brand in 2022 at Freelance Price

3.  Paulo: The creative genius from Brazil, Paulo has created a niche for himself in a very short span of time. Paulo has worked for brands like Peter Boggs Realtor, Inyo and Daniele RN.  What sets Paulo apart from the rest of the designers, is his intuitive approach in creating designs. Intuitive and modern, Paulo’s designs are truly next level.

Brand Designer Paulo Designs

2. Lazar: Hardworking, supportive and creative, Lazar creates designs that last a lifetime. Always on top of his game, clients have never left unsatisfied when Lazar rolled his sleeves up. A wizard of creative design, Lazar has worked for top brands like Paula Valdez, Spun, Hommy and NYClubwear.

Brand Designer Lazar Designs

1. Emma: This UK based designer has left the biggest brands from around the world awestruck.  Versatile in her style, Emma’s approach towards designing is varied. From traditional style of designing to contemporary, Emma has done it all. Emma has designed for brands like Natural Wellness Corner, New Era Organics and Eating with Ellis. Emma is available to work for clients from all over the world.

Brand Designer Emma Designs

Are you ready to hire an awesome brand designer?

If you are convinced and want to take your brand to the next level, DesignBro is here to help you.  Click on the link to find out from the awesome graphic designers we have: https://designbro.com/graphic-designers/

If you are still wondering and not convinced then click here to find out about the kind of work we’ve done so far.

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