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Whether you’re a talented young designer, an experienced freelancer or just a designer looking for more work on the side, DesignBro is here to connect you with quality clients from all over the world.

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What is DesignBro?

DesignBro is a high-end ‘design contest’ platform. This means that clients place their briefing online, and a selected number of designers compete to get the work. Because the number of designers allowed onto each project is limited, the chances of winning are high.

Founded by creative professionals for creative professionals

accessible design

Only up to 10 design spots per project

enable equality in design

Maximum 3

fair work, fair pay

All finalists
get paid

Winner gets awarded the large sum!

Why we are better.

Number of designs

We have a limited number of ‘design spots’ in a contest. This means that you are competing with 3-10 other designs. The win-prize is adjusted and increases as more spots are requested. And here is our promise- we will never create a contest with 100’s of designers.

Better chances of winning

With the limited number of design-spots, the finalists getting paid. We see an average chance of some winnings of around 40%.

Client prepays

At DesignBro, we require the client to pre-pay the full amount, meaning that there is no chasing payment, just request payout once you win & you’re good to go.

Finalists get paid

At DesignBro, we think it’s only fair to reward the finalists with a portion of the winnings. 95% of the prize goes to the winner and 5% is divided among the finalists.

All contests are ‘blind’

All design contests are ‘blind’- This means that you cannot see work from other designers until the contest is over. At the end you can see the winning design- We hope it’s yours! We strongly believe this promotes creativity while avoiding the ‘copying’ problem.  

More professional clients

Most of our clients are small to medium-sized business owners or marketing directors. We love our clients and are sure you will too. We can’t wait to introduce you.

How it works?

0.1 Reserve a spot on projects you would like to work on & upload your design
0.2 Wait for client feedback and finalist selection
0.3 Make changes to the design based on client feedback
0.4 Get selected as winner
0.5 Upload your final design files and get paid!
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Designer Jobs How It image

How to Join Us?

Simply fill in the registration form, upload your portfolio, and sit back & relax while our experts review your work.

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