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Brand Identity Design

  • 3-10 professional designs to choose from
  • Original, custom-made designs
  • Designed by hand-selected professional designers
  • Money back guarantee*

Get your original brand identity design, including logo, designed by some of the industry's most talented designers.

See some of our
brand identity designs

Liquid Dapix
Assurance Matters Jensen Hay Farms

Brand Identity
design contest

By launching a brand identity design contest, the designers compete for your business. Once you pick a winner, receive the open files, and full copyright to your design.
3-10 designs

3-10 professional designs

Just pick the number of designs that you want to choose from. You project will be ‘blind’ so designers can‘t see eachother’s work, giving you greater diversity and more creativity.

Full Copyright

Get copyright & all files

Once you select a winner, you will receive all the ‘editable’ and open vector files. You will own the copyright to your design.

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

99% of our clients are satisfied with their new design, but if you’re worried, you can rest assured with our
refund policy

How it works

Step 1 - Answer questions

Simply answer the questions step by step. The more details you provide, the greater the understanding from the designer. This in turn will lead to a better cooperation and better results!

Step 2 - Provide feedback

You will start to receive the first logo designs for your brand within 24-48 hours of launching your project. Be sure to provide feedback to the designers. You can write directly with them through a direct chat.

Step 3 - Get brand identity items

Once you have selected up to 3 finalists, the designers will then design your brand identity items. This includes: logo, businesscard, letterhead, envelope & compliment slip.

Step 4 - Receive final files

Once you select your final winning design, you wil receive the open, editable vector files. Once you approve the files, copyright will automatically be transferred to you.

Brand identity
design projects

Great clients from all over the world have trusted us to create their brand identity design. Here you can see a small selection of them.
Roderer Roderer 2 Roderer 3



A German-based law office specialized in New Media Law, Data Protection Law, and Copyright Law.

Jem 1 Jem 2 Jem 3



Bold & powerful logo & brand identity creation for the United Kingdom based Jem- a bespoke cloud-based software solutions company.

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Kao Kao 2 Kao 3



KAO Law Group, based in Houston, Texas, specializes in family law, immigration, and estate planning.

IsMail Furniture 1 IsMail Furniture 2 IsMail Furniture 3

Ismail Furniture


A wholesale furniture business, looking to create a new brand identity that clearly communicates it’s values & recognizability.

Why we have
the best brand
identity designers

This is where we make the difference. As in any company, we require our designers to ‘apply to join’ this means we vet their previous works before they can become a designer on the platform - Currently we’re only accepting the best 5% of all applicants. We also continue to monitor the designers on the platform to see if they continue to deliver our standards of original work.
Brand identity designers

Portfolio submission

Designers apply to join by sharing recent & relevant design work examples and experience.

Quality check

Quality check

Our internal team of design experts reviews the portfolios based on quality, skill, and experience.

Best 5%

The best 5%

Our team typically only accepts the best 5% of applicants. This means only the best designers get to work on your project.

Jeff Sierra picture

“DesignBro is definitely the way to go
for a high quality and professional design for your company or brand.”

“We at Showcase Hub felt that DesignBro’s website was so easy to navigate through and extremely user friendly. The fact that we were able to see so many different designs, by so many talented artists, and for such a low price, was unbelievable. DesignBro surpassed our expectations and we would highly recommend them to anyone. ”

What does
brand identity
design cost?

The cost of a project depends on the number of designs you would like to choose from. pick any number between 3 and 10, the price will vary between $399 and $679. Top quality designers are included on all projects with us, so you won’t have to pay extra for that.
Most popular
Number of designs to choose from 3 5 7 10
Top quality logo designers
Copyright on winning design
Refund policy
Blind contest
Vector (open) files
Price $399 $504 $589 $679

What is included in a
brand identity project?

Logo Project Brand Identity Project
Logo design
Business card design
Letterhead design
Envelope design
Compliment slip design

Keep your project
a total secret

For just $35 you can keep your project private. This means that
Designers will need to agree to terms of the 'NDA'(Non Disclosure)
before being able to read the full briefing.

Be in direct contact
with the designers

Once you start your brand identity project you will start to receive designs from multiple designers. You will be able to communicate with them directly through our easy-to-use and organized chat system.

Brand identity design
project timings

Our designers will work on your brand identity project for a specific time. Every project is unique, some are finished within days, and others take the full timeline. Below you will find the maximum amount of time per stage, keep in mind that once you receive the files you’re ready to go.

Design Stage



Expect to receive some of your first designs withing 24-48 hours depending on your project. Provide direct feedback through the chat to ask for any changes.

Finalist Stage



Select your 3 finalists and receive your brand identity items. Take time to provide more feedback & ask any further changes before picking your winner.

Receive files



Your brand identity designer will deliver your files within a maximum of 3 days. Congrats! You’re good to go now!

Approve files



You still have 10 days to make sure all files are perfectly in order. Any minor changes or issues with the file? No problem, you’re still in full contact with the designer.

Question? Check our FAQ

+ -
What’s the difference between brand identity and logo design projects?

A logo design project includes just that: a logo as the final deliverable. A brand identity design project includes design for: the logo, letterhead, business card, envelope and compliment slip.
In other words, it’s a more complete package, with more items included.

+ -
Can I switch the letterhead or compliment slip with another item?

Yes, if you would like to ‘switch’ the deliverables, just contact us and we would be happy to help.

+ -
I need additional business cards for colleagues, can you help?

We can get the designer add the extra versions of the business cards for $10 per additional card, just contact us to get this done. Don’t want to pay the additional fee? No problem, just keep in mind that you will have the ‘open’ vector files, so at the printer they should be able to do this for you as well.

+ -
What is a compliment slip?

Compliment slip also referred to as compliment note or thank you note sometimes. These are the card that if you send something, think of chocolates, flowers, or a pile of paperwork, that you can write a short note on to accompany the package.

+ -
What is brand identity design?

Brand identity design is the process of creating a core visual representation of your company. It should intrinsically represent what your company stands for, while functioning as a visual anchor, making it easy for people to recognize and remember your company through the created brand.
The secondary visuals used in other items than the core logo/brand can also help add emotions & communicate more of the brand story.

+ -
What do I get for $399?

The price depends on the number of designs you want to choose from. This works with ‘spots’, for $399 you get 3 design spots. That means that at any moment of time a maximum of 3 designs can be viewed, provided feedback on, or eliminated.
So will you receive ‘just 3 designs’? No, you can eliminate designs, and that will open up the spot again. You can do this as often as you like, as long as there is enough time on your project.
In every brand identity design project the following items are included: Logo design, business card design, letterhead & envelope design, and compliment slip design.

+ -
Do you print the business cards or letterhead?

No. We deliver our files in the industry standard open vector format, which means that any printer in the world should be able to work with them & print them. This means you’re not stuck to us, but work with any supplier you like.

+ -
Can you keep my project confidential?

Yes, just buy the ‘secret project’ option for $35 during your checkout. This way the designers need to agree to keep your project secret before being able to see your full briefing.

+ -
Where are your designers from?

Most of our designers are based in Europe and the Americas. That being said, our team of experts manually vets and monitors the quality of design work from all designers before they are able to join, we don’t discriminate against geographic backgrounds, but we are very picky with regards to the quality of work. Similarly all designers need to have a professional level of English to be able to join. Currently we’re only accepting around 5% of all designers that apply.

+ -
Will I get the copyright & are the ‘open files’ included?

Yes, the copyright will automatically be granted, as per our Terms & Conditions, once you finalize your project.
You will receive the industry-standard open vector files that you will need in the future, this means you will have full control.