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Want to create an animated logo that perfectly fits your mobile application, responsive website, and all other digital marketing collateral? Our professional motion designers at DesignBro have got the required skills to animate your logo and give life to your vision.

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Get inspired with animated logos created by our graphic animators

Get creative with your
branding and visual designs

Bring life to your logo and convey your brand story in an eyewink with our creative graphic design services. When you hire DesignBro for exclusive logo animation, you are in full control of how you want to represent your brand.

Get the first animated logo concept in less than 12 hours
No use of logo animation templates or generic motions
4K resolution. Perfect loop
Get the logo animation in .MP4, .GIF format with editable source files
Get as many animation revisions as you want
Get full legal copyrights and intellectual property
Professionally vetted and reviewed motion designers
World class customer support
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How can logo animations help your brand?

According to recent statistics, animated content is way more effective at grabbing the audience’s attention than static content. As obvious as it is, moving objects or icons force us to stop and take notice of the content compared to static symbols that are easily overlooked or forgotten.

They can quickly create an emotional connection with the audience and boost customer engagement. From corporate agencies to educational institutions to movie production houses, everyone seems to make the most of animated logos for their business. If you haven’t yet done so, get your animated logo today.

Makes your brand easily memorable

Since a majority of us depend on visual stimulus to efficiently process and memorize information, motion logos can help recall your brand for future purchasing decisions.

Comes with a high ROI
(Return on Investment)

Animated logos are a brand asset that can be used across a range of marketing platforms such as social media posts, TV ads, YouTube and TikTok videos, digital signage, website, landing pages, screen-savers, and PowerPoint presentations. They are a one-time investment with no further expenditure on its maintenance.

Expresses your brand personality

A unique personality is key to effective branding, particularly in this digital era where we crave association and relativity. Animated logos help portray a brand personality that promotes positive emotions and builds customer loyalty.

Helps tell your brand story

Since times immemorial, storytelling has been an effective medium for connecting, communicating, and educating. Animated logos help do the same through the powerful usage of picture, sound, and motion.

Get a professional, custom
logo animation in 3 easy steps

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1. Fill out creative brief

Tell us about your business, answer a few questions about your brand and get started in a matter of minutes.

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2. Get animated logo

Our top 5% of motion designers will compete and provide an exclusive logo animation for your business. Receive your first animation within 12 hours typically.

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3. Pick the best motion logo

Choose your favorite logo animation, download all the source files with full ownership and copyright of the animation.

Start an online logo animation contest

Logo animation contest let our motion designers compete for animating your business logos. This drives original and high quality animated logos. You choose the winning motion logo which will be fully yours and delivered in all necessary files.

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3-10 custom
logo animations

How many logo animations do you want to choose from? Just select your number! Our motion designers can’t see each other’s work so there are only unique and creative animated logos.

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Full copyrights
& all files

The chosen winning animated logo for your company will be delivered to you in all necessary files, including MP4, GIF, and you will own the full copyrights.

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Money back

We want you to be happy. That’s why we don’t call it a refund policy but our Happy Client Policy. Read more about the terms right here.

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“Working with DesignBro was a great experience from start to finish.”

“Setting the project up was simple with clear steps and the results were amazing. We could not be happier with our new logo and will be proudly using it on our website and full product range.

Marco was great. He really understood what we were looking for and hit it out of the park. We asked for a tweak, and he delivered beyond expectation.”

Why we have the best 5% of designers

Designers on DesignBro are freelance professionals with years of experience. We vet our logo designers to make sure you will be fully satisfied with your logo project.

Icon portfolio

Portfolio submission

Designers submit their portfolios to DesignBro showing us a variety of work in logo, brand identity and packaging design fields.

Icon review

Quality check

Our curating team carefully reviews each portfolio. Some of the criteria we look at are quality and originality of work and design expertise.

Icon 5%

Only the best 5%

Our team selects and accepts only around 5% of all designers. This way, we can assure you will be fully satisfied with your logo project.

What does logo animation cost?

The price of logo animation depends on the design level you decide to choose. The different options contain different levels of service and number of unique motion designers working on your animated logos. No matter which one you go for, you get original and professional work done by top-quality designers only. That is the DesignBro promise.



Expect 3 - 5 designs
From 3+ professional designers
Unlimited revisions
Full copyright
Money back guarantee*
Start project



Expect 5 - 8 designs
From 5+ professional designers
Larger designer prize
Unlimited revisions
Full copyright
Money back guarantee*
Start project



Expect 10 - 14 designs
From 10+ professional designers
Larger designer prize
Unlimited revisions
Full copyright
Money back guarantee*
Priority support
Start project

Full Agency


Delivered by our Pro Services team
Expect 5 designs
From 5 hand-picked designers
Project intake call with a brand consultant
Made to order solution
Full copyright
Dedicated account manager
Request intake call

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How can I bring my logo to life?

Ever since marketing came into existence for effective brand promotions, brands have been using specific symbols and color schemes to differentiate themselves from others with similar offerings. As technology developed and human attention span decreased, it became important for businesses to look for smart eye-grabbing solutions. Logo animation is a great example of such inventive marketing techniques. When you replace a static logo design with a sound and motion logo, it instantly creates a memorable brand identity that breathes life into your business.

Why custom logo design image

Why do you need a
professional logo animation?

Anyone can create a logo with a gif logo maker, but it won’t be as intuitive or effective as a professionally designed animated logo. The speed and fluidity of logo animation, particularly that of its colors and shapes, affect the spectators emotionally. Unlike logo generators, professional designers have the capacity to understand and assess your business before creating an animated logo. We all have certain design ideas that we want to give life to, but only a professional design agency or graphic designer can actually do so.

Questions? Please read our FAQs

Unlike a static or image-only logo with fixed shapes, images, and colors, an animated logo is all about adding special effects to the design, ranging from simple 3D effects to short video presentations. It’s a great way to grab people’s attention and boost their engagement.
Since people today have a shorter attention span, thanks to their hectic lifestyle, it’s important to create a brand identity that instantly captivates them. It may take several attempts to impress a consumer with a static logo design, whereas an animated logo will instantly draw the audience’s attention and make them interested in your offerings.
Ideally, a logo animation should be dynamic and able to catch and keep the viewer's attention. You should convey your brand and identity in a fun and entertaining way while leaving a lasting impression. Keep it short, under 10 seconds.
Animated logos are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to draw customer attention and increase your click-through rate. For example, they can be used as intro and outro to branded videos, email signatures, PPT presentations, website homepage, social media posts, and online advertising banners.
Logo animation is basically taking a ‘static’ logo, splitting it into multiple sections, and then having those sections animate together to breathe new life into regular logo design. In order to have an animator work on your logo design, you need to have a static logo design in place. Even if you don’t, you can get a custom logo designed from our experienced graphic designers by communicating your needs and expectations about your logo.
There is no fixed rate for logo animation services; it typically depends on your specific project requirements and expectations. It also depends on customized features like 2D and 3D animation, special dynamic effects, advanced motion techniques, and motion range. It's always advisable to discuss your needs and check the pricing details before placing your order.
Once our motion designers create your logo animations, you can download them in .gif and .mp4 in high resolution with source file (eg. after effects, photoshop, procreate, cinema 4d)
For the best look of your animated logo, we recommend you to provide a 1000 x 1000 editable source file (.ai, .eps, .svg) in order to be able to customize it.
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