30 Best Business Card Ideas 2019

Why is Great Design for Business Cards Important?

Family crests, coats of arms and business cards – what’s in common between these? Times may change, but some things remain unequivocally the same. One of them being the need to show in an instance who you are and what you stand for. Some people may claim that business cards have had their time, however, depending on what industry you’re in or company you work for, they’re as important as any other business tool.

Simply placing your email, phone number and address on a rectangular card won’t be enough in the digital era where attention is the most valuable asset. You need to be recognizable, memorable and grab attention in a split second, while communicating trust and commanding respect at the same time. It seems like a tall order, but your business card should achieve all of this.

Business Card Design Inspiration

Below we have compiled a list of great business card ideas for your inspiration. This way you can come up with your own unique business card ideas. You decide what suits your marketing strategy and Brand DNA best. This will help you guide a designer in creating your perfect business card.

Laconic and Fresh

Laconic and Fresh Business Card Design



If your company preaches traditional values and has stood the test of time for being classy – keep it true to yourself. Show your values and do not change them for the sake of fleeting success. Pale background and simple font do not make the design less valuable, however, they show you have something more to surprise with.

Opposites Attract

Playing with flashy and contrasting shades as well as making your business card dual is what will make it offbeat. Paint one side of it in tiffany blue and the other electric purple to make everyone spin it endlessly until they learn your details by heart. Check the colour wheel to pick the most suitable shades for your visual identity.


Opposites Attract Business Card Design


Funky and Colorful Business Card Design



Funky and Colorful

If you deem your firm as easy going and approachable, then your business card is the one to welcome all and sundry. By applying bright colors and whimsical marks, you show lightweight and childish approach to the market. However, be careful and make sure such visuals correspond to the expectations to your target audience.

Unconventional Business Card Form



Unconventional Forms

Who said the business card layout ideas are limited only to rectangular shapes? Cut off all the unnecessary space and create your own unique geometrical figure. You can keep it simple, yet you can go over the top depending on your fantasy and intentions.

Wood and Carving Business Card



Wood and Carving

If you want to be recognized by a simple touch – wood will not leave anyone indifferent. Carving a business card from a wood shows meticulous and decisive approach as well as grandness. However, make sure the production of such business cards will not deplete your budget since there will be a line of customers craving for your card.

Plastic and Crystal-clear Business Card Design



Plastic and Crystal-clear

Following the spectrum of materials to be used as a canvas for your business card, we cannot avoid plastic. It is durable and will not lose its appearance making your details kept for good. Translucent material will also make your contact details stand out. Since plastic is harmful for the environment, make sure to opt for recyclable version.

 Playful and Interactive

The business card is no longer an informative and formal slip of paper. You can make it interactive and entertaining – simply, put stickers on it; turn it into a scratch card or a sealed letter. Play with your ideas without looking back if you aim at reaching a head-turning effect.

Red Business Card Design



Paint the Town Red

Red is deemed as the most eye-catching, aggressive and seductive color. Painting a business card in red will make it pop from any bag, wallet or pocket. Based on your intentions you can turn this bright color into elegant crimson hue adjusting it to the requirements. So, do not be afraid of its notorious perception.

Craft Paper

Happened to be an eco-friendly brand promoting organic products? Do not sacrifice your principles and opt for recycled or craft materials. Make your card design clean and genuine channeling the message of conscious consumption and sustainability. Share your green ideology with like-minded in a jiffy.

Craft Paper Business Card Design


Enigmatic Symbols

Unique symbols, hieroglyphs, marks will adorn any mediocre surface especially if they carry a hidden meaning. Either you scribble a sign or use your graphic logo, it all will revitalize the visual aspect and make people solve your riddles.
Business Card Design with Enigmatic Symbols

One Letter Counts

Make a grand entry by placing a single handwritten letter to decorate your card. Despite a trend towards digitalization, handwriting is as mesmerizing as it was centuries ago. Artistic lettering is apt for all types of companies and entrepreneurs who simply need to select the calligraphy style that corresponds their positioning.
One Letter Counts Business Card Design
Vintage and Retro Business Card Design

Vintage and Retro

Letterpress printing has never gone out of style for its exquisite look and feel. In the ever-changing time of trends, there should always be a stronghold keeping gains of the past. Therefore, this printing is equally tactile, classy and enduring and suitable for brands that have built its reputation over the years.

Obvious and Straightforward Business Card Ideas



Obvious and Straightforward

No time to explain what is your company about? Make your card do it for you in a jiffy. Do not be afraid to look mediocre for placing attributes your company is associated with. The other way around, putting a logo speaking for itself or forming your card distinctively will save your precious time on explanation. And among dozens of card, your one will catch the eye.

Youngsters Business Card Design



Please Youngsters

What is on hype now? If you know the answer, you can easily make your calling card appealing to young adults and hipsters. However, this can be a short-term success since trends come and go and kids grow up quickly. Yet, if your business is children-oriented you can adopt some of the latest trends and check the memes on the web showing you are a cool kid on the block. You can even put so-called Easter eggs or hidden message on your card.

Ornaments and Mosaics

We all used to look at toy kaleidoscope tubes and admire their fantastic patterns. So, why not to let an inner child rejoice at fascinating ornaments today? Revitalize your card with the ornaments reminiscent of ones from the childhood by placing colored figures o different form and size.
Ornaments and Mosaics Business Card Design

Spot UV Design

Spot UV Design


Complete the matte canvas with a glossy pattern on it. You can pick any color and make changes to a simple surface by adding shiny bits. This way you get the best of both worlds – elegant and fashionable.

Business Card Design for Dates and Places



Dates and Places

You can incorporate the significant dates and places your company is known for – be it the year of the establishment or the company’s location. If your business has successfully been running for 50 years it will be a big advantage to brag about. But do not show off too much since no one likes conceited folks.

Business Card Design with Distinctive Font



Distinctive Font

You can keep your business card simple but focus on a font that can outdo any creative picture and shape. If you know a talented calligrapher who would design an exclusive font for your company, then you do not have to limit yourself to a business card only. It can be applied to any merch you have.

Minimal and Clear-Cut Business Card

Minimal and Clear-Cut

Fine lines, monochrome and modesty have become popular design ideas among masses after the hygge phenomenon has conquered the world. Just keep it simple, conscious and cozy to pull it off. Scandinavian interiors and exteriors will come in handy to distinguish the peculiarities.

Scream and Shout Business Card Design



Scream and Shout

Flashy signs, gaudy patterns and technicolor phrases will definitely reach the goal and catch one’s eye. Here you can use obscene language, psychedelic doodles and acid colors. If you are looking for a head-spinning effect, it is a perfect solution.
Watercolor and Romance Business Card Design

Watercolor and Romance

Are you a wedding planner, an event organizer or a florist? If yes, then watercolor painting will represent your romantic profession like no other. This idea is the most subtle way to represent your field of work on a paper. Simply, infuse your card with flowers and gentle signs as fences and your card will be the definition of a secret garden.

Luxury Business Card Design



Gold-foil and Luxury

Catering to the posh and representing a high-class brand? There is no better way to represent yourself rather than use silver and gold infusion. Your potential customers are surely to pay attention to a gold-rimmed card and can even pay something more than just attention.

Intricate and Detailed Business Card Ideas



Intricate and Detailed

Among the unusual business card ideas are the depiction of tarot cards, manga or hindi patterns. Such detailed and visual printing will make everyone stare and research the card for quite a while. It is surefire that no one will have the same design as yours. However, do not get over the top since your details can get lost on a thoroughly designed surface.

Black Business Card Design


Back to Black

Dozens of songs have celebrated this color since nothing has been so universal and applicable as black. While painting it black, play with texture opting for matte or glossy variants and place bright spots so even the most usable color will explode.

Business Card Design with Your Own Mark


Make You Own Mark

As mentioned before, a unique font is remarkable yet you can level it up by personalizing your card and signing it your own. This narrows the gap between you and your potential customer and shows you treat everyone open-heatedly.

Wallpaper Business Card Design




Home interior is also a form of art and you can get inspired by concrete and brick walls as well as wallpapers. In particular, if you are engaged into a production of the latter, why not to use a wallpaper sample as you calling card?

Pop Art Business Card Design



Scrumptious Pop Art

Craving for juicy and spring colors as well as lively and ironic looks? Then, turn to this art movement. Check the works of art by renowned Andy Warhol as one of the artists who used to work in the genre.

Business Card Design Ideas


Look into Space

If you represent an innovative tech company or a start-up from the Silicon Valley – explore the space theme and turn your card into steel cold plate that will make everyone guess what you are developing into your secret labs.

Don’t neglect your business cards, they make your company’s first impression. Besides this, they are crucial for business events, conferences, and meetinsg when a quick exchange of your contact is necessary and a memorable impression needs to be made.

However, you can make sure your new acquaintance will not simply throw it in the nearest bin. With DesignBro’s design creative graphic professionals, we can create unique, and memorable business cards that don’t just communicate your values, but will leave a lasting impression on your contacts.

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