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How do we make a purchasing decision? How often do you choose a product not by its content, but by the creatively designed creative packaging? Remember, those moments when the packaging seemed like a great reason to purchase a specificsome product?

You’re not alone. This happens because of the emotional engagement, just enticing you enough to grab & try it for a first time.s. Just look at this creative packaging design for pasta- I just want to go out & buy it!

Awesome packaging designs pasta

The thing is that when we see something very beautiful or unusual, certain substances in our brain that are responsible for a good mood are turning on and throwing a party! Everyone wants to be happy, and if the goal of creative package is to give us good emotions, then it makes us a little happier. Right?

Yes, but in reality, the emotional aspect is one side, at the same time the branded packaging actually does much, much more! In the case of food, it’s communicating to you that it contains a ‘a tasty’, reliable, product, while at the same time it’s positioning itself with a specific style that you, the consumer might be able to identify with. In other words, by buying a specific pack design, you are telling the world a little about yourself, your style, your DNA.

Awesome packaging designs eggsWhy does creative packaging really matter? We have already passed that evolutionary step when questions of survival like WHAT to eat are not something that scares. Now we are more interested in HOW, for example, how it will look like, how it will fit into the style of our life, how it characterizes us as personalities. People who want be closer to nature are more likely to choose such cutlery.

Awesome packaging designs pizzaHowever, it is not only emotions and the feeling of uniqueness. Creative packaging design is one of the main criteria in the high competition struggle for the attention of the customer. Every brand tries to look as unique as possible: from food to cosmetic and technical goods.

Awesome packaging designs honeyDid you know that it takes only 7 seconds to make a purchasing decision? Product packaging design deeply affects our subconscious and the experience. Impulsive purchases are made not only under the influence of visual impact but also with the help of certain memories.

Awesome packaging designs pencilWhile working on creative packaging ideas, the basic rules of design are taken into account: composition techniques, color theory, the theory of forms and volumes.

Designers use bright colors that are likely to attract attention and form certain feeling. For example, the red color excites, yellow means joy, black evokes associations with reliability and power, white symbolizes lightness.

Awesome packaging designs juice

Designers also play with size increasing or decreasing the shape of the product. It all depends on the aim for whom the product packaging is designed.

Creative packaging simplifies the search. Most often, the customer makes a purchase on the very impulsive principle of “came, saw, bought”. Especially in supermarkets, when a person has the freedom of choice.

Awesome packaging designs matches

Successful sales depend on the packaging. If developers ignore the packaging design, then very often such a product cannot be sold. However, the product may be the best quality, but no one will notice it. Therefore, it is important to make the right creative packaging design.

Awesome packaging designs vine

Another important element of the package is the font. How harmonious does it look? Although we often do not notice the style of the font, the fact is that letters and words really affect our perception of the product and its credibility.

Awesome packaging designs tea

Just imagine that you are sure that the quality of the product is the same. The only difference between them is the packaging. Then ask yourself: what would you choose? The standard packaging or the creative, which surprises you and brings variety to your life?

High-quality creative packaging is the main factor in the decision to purchase products. Creating attractive packaging is the way to a customer’s heart!

Awesome packaging designs vine

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