10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Today we’re going to check out the very best color combination sites on the internet. I’ve been a designer for over 20 years. I know what makes a great color combination. I also know the best color combo sites.

Let’s get colorful.

1. Colorhunt

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Color Hunt is a free and open collection of color palettes, created by Gal Shir. Color Hunt started as a personal small project built to share trendy color combinations between a group of designer friends.

The collection scaled up and now being used daily as a handy resource by thousands of people all over the world. To find a color combination, simply visit the site and you will be presented with a page full of user-generated color swatches.

The site defaults to the latest color swatches. To find the best color swatches, tap on the drop down and select Popular. Here you can see the most popular color combinations.

Once you select a color swatch, you will be presented with the color swatch in large view where you can copy the color values, download it as an image or favourite it.

2. Startup Colors

Color combination startup colors

Startup Colors is our very own selection of beautiful logo colors for startups. It features a growing collection of popular color combinations that work beautifully together.

One of the cool things about Startup Colors by DesignBro is that you can download your favorite color palette. These color schemes have also been favored by 1000’s of people. So you know the colors here are well liked. Perfect for use on your next startup.

3. Brand Colors

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

The biggest collection of official brand and logo color codes around. What’s cool about this site is that it features the color palette from all of your favorite brands.

You can search or scroll down the list to find the color schemes of pretty much any brand. This is super handy if you want to go with color schemes that big brands are already using.

I really like this approach to color combinations as it is nice to see the color schemes top brands are using. All set up in a nice handy website.

4. ColorDrop

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

ColorDrop is another website that features a whole bunch of amazing color combinations and color schemes. This site has been around for a while. So it has lots of lovely popular color combinations that are great for any new startup or company.

You can also save your favorite color combos and download the color palette quickly and easily. You can also filter by new and popular color schemes.

All in all this is another high quality source for great colors palettes and color combinations for brands.

5. Adobe Color

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Adobe Color by Adobe is another powerhouse when it comes to color combinations. Visit the site and simply hit Explore or Trends to reveal 1000’s of wonderful color palettes created by 1000’s of professional designers in the creative and design community.

Tap on a color combination you like to view it at a larger scale. Once the palette is open you can copy to color codes, like it, or download it for use with your favourite Adobe Creative Suite software. Another nice touch Adobe Color has is that you can select color combinations used in photos.

6. Color Lisa

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Color Lisa is a curated list of color palettes based on masterpieces of the worlds greatest artists. Each palette was painstakingly created by color obsessed designers, artists, museum curators, and masters of color theory. To use Color Lisa, simply select the name of your artist and click on the color palette.

When you click on the palette, you will be presented with a range of colors from the particular artist and the hex color values you can copy and paste into your HTML or graphics editor.

Out of all the color swatch sites on the web, Color Lisa is certainly the most unique and it sure does create some wonderful color combinations.

7. Material Design Palette

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Made especially for screen-based design including websites and logos, Material Design Palette is great when you have an idea of which color you want to start with. Simply visit the site, pick two color combinations and Material Design Palette does the rest!

It creates a color palette of 8 colors including primary colors, colors for text, icons and dividers. When you want to use your colors, simply copy the color values straight off the site or download them for use with your favorite software.

8. Coolers

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Coolers is a super fast color schemes generator. 1000’s of professional designers have created 1000’s of incredible color combinations.

Perfect for use on a new logo or website design. To discover popular color combinations, just hit the explore tab and filter by latest, picks and best.

Best is the most popular color combinations voted for by the Coolers community. When you’ve found your favorite color combination simply hit save, view or export to use it in your preferred software.

9. Design Seeds

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Design Seeds is an Instagram driven color palette site. The genius of Design Seeds is all color combinations come from real photos. The author Jessica Colaluca started the collection herself, compiling a vast color book from her own travels.

Now, as well as her own photos, she’s opened up submissions for Design Seeds via Instagram. The site focuses on color in general. It’s not targeted at screen-based design. There are no hex values or color codes to be seen. But there are some stunning color combinations. 100’s in total.

Design Seeds is very popular, especially on the highly visual Instagram platform. If you’re looking for color inspiration and color combination, Design Seeds is well worth a browse.

10. Color Leap

10 Best Color Combination Sites Guaranteed To Inspire Your Next Design

Take a leap through time and see the colors of history. Another really interesting take on color combination generators. Color leap takes it’s inspiration from color throughout time.

It travels through century after century. It has a color palette for every century and most decades in time. This rather unique color palette generator certainly produces some unique, rather lovely results.

To use the site you have to scroll along the timeline and choose an era. A novel approach indeed. Once you’ve chosen an era you are presented with a photo from that era. When you hit see colors, it provides you with an array of color combinations and several different palettes.

You can click on the colors to copy to hex code and also like the palette. If you’re after unique color combinations, Color Leap certainly delivers this in spades.

That’s a wrap

As you can see, you are not alone when it comes to choosing colors for your next logo design project. There is a huge collective of designers and creatives generating 1000’s of wonderful color combinations.

These color combinations have been sorted, upvoted and liked by the community. When it comes to choosing your perfect color combination, choose something you like and also something the community likes.

After all, designers have great taste when it comes to logo colors, so you can’t go too wrong.

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