Definition: Asset Library

An asset library is an online storehouse that enables brands to store, retrieve, source, share and manage digital files. An asset library can store any type of digital file safely, which is why companies use them to store and organize their digital intellectual property. Asset libraries allow brands to store documents, music files, audio files, video files, animations, color palettes, logos, photos, templates, and more.

What role does an asset library play in a brand’s digital strategy?

A well-maintained asset library is of prime importance for a brand’s growth. An organized asset library contributes to brands’ digital strategy. Marketers and business owners can access their campaigns from anywhere in the world through the help of digital asset libraries.

Apart from the above, digital asset libraries enable agencies, content creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, photographers, designers, and other creative artists to collaborate and streamline workflows.

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Asset library: benefits

A brand looking to create a seamless work environment for its employees adopt various kinds of digital technologies—asset library is one of them. The following are some benefits of using a digital asset library:  

Improved security

Cloud-based digital asset libraries give companies complete control over the stored information. A company can maintain and monitor who and when a person has accessed a particular file. The ability to control and grant access makes the digital asset library a highly secure system. Among its many features, the cloud-based digital asset library allows the owner to set expiry dates, making it impossible for a user to track the information after a set period.

Easy collaboration

Collaborating with ease is crucial when several people are involved in a project or are working from remote locations. A well-organized asset library allows everyone involved in a particular project to collaborate effortlessly. From updating information to tracking progress to sharing files, asset libraries offer multi-layered benefits when collaboration with ease within an organization is concerned.


A digital asset library allows brands to store information in bulk without the need for constant updating. Apart from eliminating clutter from storage, they allow seamless access anytime and from anywhere. Good read: Branding ideas that blow the competition out of the water.

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