Definition: Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are two or more applications, platforms, or software brought together to level up in terms of performance and efficiency. Also known as online collaboration tools, these tools work together to streamline business processes and take some work off the employees’ plates – from something as generic as time management applications to something as specific as graphic design tools, collaboration tools are helping in all aspects of a business. 

However, before diving deeper into the concept of collaboration tools, it is important to understand the essence of collaboration. 

Collaboration: It is a joint effort of multiple individuals or tools to carry out a business process effectively. Within a business, many dimensions and departments are interlinked and rely on each other to succeed. Thus, collaboration is crucial for the growth of a business. In simplest terms, collaboration is a result of actions taken together. 

While the meaning of collaboration lies under the same umbrella for all the organizations, the manner in which it is put into practice has certainly changed over the years. Be it a startup or an established custom merchandise business, with regular in-office workspace changing into distributed, hybrid, and remote working styles, the collaboration we bring into a business must suit the digitization with which the businesses are surrounded. 

Universal Collaboration Tools Advantages 

Statistically speaking, since the year 2019, there has been a 44% increase in workers using collaboration tools. The numbers clearly speak how professionals have been leveraging collaboration tools in the recent past. 

Although every business has its own areas and ways in which a team embeds collaboration tools and has the advantage of the same accordingly, here are a few common advantages which most businesses can avail upon using collaboration tools. 

  • Real-Time Tracking: Gone are the days of micromanaging every activity and team member. However, with changes entering into a business quicker than earlier, adapting to it can become a task. Amongst many tasks, tracking a planned strategy that changes regularly – sometimes, even hourly – can be troublesome. However, with modern collaboration tools such as Timely and Slack, real-time tracking is far from difficult. For instance, if you are getting a logo designed, you can create a #Logo Design channel on Slack and get inputs from your entire team. 
  • Employee Productivity: We cannot emphasize enough the importance of employees in an organization. Be that as it may, with a combination of the best online collaboration tools and a happy employee, there is no stopping the growth of a business. Using these, employees can stay on track with their ongoing projects, communicate the same to required departments, and develop alongside the business. 

Perhaps the primary purpose of collaboration tools can change business to business and industry to industry, but regardless of the aspect in which a collaboration tool is used, its fruition is a certain common ground all businesses share.

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