Definition: Sales Enablement

The term sales enablement refers to the process of providing a company’s sales team with the right resources to turn leads into sales more frequently. A company may include information, software, tools, and content in its resources, which would enable the sales team to generate more revenue.

Since sales enablement is cross-organizational, it is owned by several departments within a company, such as sales and marketing teams. These teams work closely to produce customer-centric content that would help attract more customers.  

“Sales enablement plays a key role in scaling the sales organization beyond a handful of overachievers. It provides all sales people with best practices, knowledge, tool and resources required to be successful.”


Why is sales enablement important?

Sales enablement is among the primary tools for any company looking to enter competitive markets with low entry barriers. Low entry barrier refers to obstacles that prevent companies from functioning at their optimum capacity. Empowered buyers and low entry barriers have resulted in fierce competition between brands. Sales enablement is no more a “good-to-have-tool” for a company but a necessity, especially if it is seeking to disrupt the market.

Modern sales enablement has proven to be an important tool due to the following reasons:

  • Representatives can support a customer throughout her buying journey because the rep has access to relevant resources.
  • A representative can access anything from analytics to content in a single platform.
  • Marketers can create customized content based on performance data which would help them turn more leads into sales.

How to achieve effective sales enablement?

A company must develop effective sales enablement strategies if it wishes to empower its sales team to perform at its optimum level.

The first step to achieving effective sales enablement is to analyze a company’s resources and content that is used by the sales team to attract customers or potential buyers. Furthermore, the marketing team should create a sales enablement strategy based on the company’s target audience.

Some sales enablement tools sales that teams within an organization create are as follows:

  • Pricing information
  • Product demo
  • Whitepapers
  • Ebooks
  • Customer case studies

How to use the term sales enablement in sentences?

  • Businesses, big or small, use various sales enablement strategies to provide their sales team with the necessary resources to sell their product or service more effectively.
  • Sales enablement helps with the revenue growth of a company because it provides the necessary tools to the sales and marketing teams to convert leads into prospects quickly.

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