TikTok Logo: Everything You Need To Know About The Colorful Musical Note

The psychedelic effects of the TikTok logo can never go unnoticed; no wonder the inspiration for the famous logo came at a music concert.

The TikTok logo is unique, imaginative, and musical. The TikTok emblem never fails to attract the audience because of its psychedelic aura. If you were lucky enough to catch Pink Floyd or Jimi Hendrix live in concert, you would know what Psychedelic music is all about. For those who haven’t experienced psychedelic rock, it is all about altering and expanding your mind through the power of music. No wonder the inspiration for the popular TikTok logo came at a rock concert!

According to data revealed by Sensor Tower, TikTok is only the first app after Facebook to have surpassed 3 billion downloads. Despite being banned by governments in different countries, the video-sharing app has only grown in popularity. Apart from being at the top of the charts for app downloads, “consumers spending on TikTok has now surpassed $2.5 billion globally.”

TikTok’s amazing growth is expected to continue in 2022.

Logos are an important feature of social networking sites. Users determine the potency of various social networking sites based on how the app icon or the logo looks. While most social media platforms are not even a decade old, they have gone through several partial or complete logo overhauls: this is a serious cause of concern.

Rebranding is a natural process, but when forced, it can feel like a betrayal to the users, especially in the case of social networking sites. And why? Fake news, dummy profiles, social anxiety, online abuse, and cyberbullying have become a common practice, and when you couple that with a logo change, it may feel like a punch in the face to the users.

While TikTok has changed its visual identity a few times, it has always stuck to the centerpiece of its logo design: the colorful musical note.

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How it all began

Douyin, the Chinese counterpart of TikTok, was launched in 2016. Douyin, which in Chinese means “vibrating sound,” became extremely popular upon launch. The app was developed in 200 hundred days and got its first 100 million users within a year. The success of Douyin prompted ByteDance Ltd, owner of the video-sharing platform, to launch the app globally.

In 2017, Douyin was launched as TikTok. And within a year, TikTok became the number one downloaded application in app stores in various countries.

The following features of TikTok make the video-sharing app different from other platforms providing similar services:

  • TikTok encourages original content.
  • The app allows you to create videos as short as 15 seconds.
  • The app has in-built editing features such as filters, masks, and visual effects.
  • The video-sharing platform targets millennials and Generation Z.

A study conducted by Nielsen and published on Search Engine Journal found that TikTok users were happy and expressed themselves freely on the video-sharing platform.

  • 64 percent of users feel they are happy being themselves while using the platform.
  • 79 percent of users feel that the content on TikTok is unique.
  • 85 percent of users discover fresh content on the platform.
  • 77 percent of users express themselves freely.
The TikTok logo symbolizes youthful energy and creativity.

The TikTok logo has not changed a great deal since the release of the video-sharing platform. While there have been partial redesigns, the logo has always retained its originality. Let us take a closer look at the popular emblem.

The designer of the logo, according to TikTok, was inspired by a music concert he attended just before he began designing the popular logo. In his attempt to emulate the excitement and the passion of a live concert, he came up with the idea of making a musical note the centerpiece of the logo design.

The unnamed designer of the popular logo created an emblem that symbolized the excitement of a music concert along with highlighting the talented users of the video-sharing platform.

The centerpiece of the logo design is the letter “d,” designed to mirror a musical note. The designer chose the letter because the app was named Douyin at the time. The logo became so popular that the company decided to keep it unchanged even after its international release as TikTok.

Be it a logo, a website, or a packaging design: you must always try to think out of the box and discover ways to separate yourself from the crowd. The TikTok logo is a fantastic example of out-of-the-box thinking and beautiful craftsmanship.

The evolution of TikTok logo

The TikTok logo went through three partial redesigns in its history: let us explore each one.

2016 – Present

TikTok Logo: Everything You Need To Know About The Colorful Musical Note

The “note” is the main design element of the TikTok logo and has been the constant feature of all future redesigns.

The small case “d” with a curved horizontal line attached at the top resembles a musical note. A colorful mix of pink, aqua, and black gives the logo a three-dimensional look.

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2017 – 2018

TikTok Logo: Everything You Need To Know About The Colorful Musical Note

In 2017, the wordmark was placed under the note. The wordmark appeared with a space between “Tik” and “Tok,” which gave the logo a balanced look. The only visible difference in the logo was the introduction of the wordmark.

2018 – Present

TikTok Logo: Everything You Need To Know About The Colorful Musical Note

The 2018 redesign brought the two halves of the wordmark closer. While the wordmark appears as one word, taking a closer look reveals that there still is some space between the two words, which enables the design to breathe. The “o” in the wordmark also resonates with the note, making the logo appear rhythmic. The 2018 version of the logo is a true masterpiece. 

Color palette of TikTok logo

Apart from red, black, and white, TikTok uses turquoise as one of its primary colors. Red evokes the feeling of passion, while black symbolizes elegance. White in the logo represents purity, and turquoise stands for communication. However, the combination of the four takes the logo to another level. The colors create a hallucinogenic effect that is attractive, mysterious, and classy.

The creators of the logo have selected a simple font from the sans serif type. The typeface is perfectly aligned with the note.

TikTok logo evaluation

All great logos that have become iconic over time have many things in common. However, there are four essential components that all great logos share that help them become exemplary over time. The following elements make a logo iconic:


The first important component of a great logo is its relevance. Not only does a relevant logo communicate the key personalities of a brand, but it also helps foster brand identity. Designers use a combination of colors, fonts, and symbols to achieve relevance.

The TikTok logo is a great example of a relevant logo. As a graphic designer, there is a lot you can learn from the logo. The out-of-the-box thinking has made the TikTok logo unique. The letter d with a horizontal curve attached at the top, plus the mix of colors, makes the logo stand out from the crowd. The logo is relevant to the market the company targets, plus, it clearly communicates the brand personality.


In the race to create attractive logos, we often miss out on the value of simplicity. Simple logos say more than complicated designs. As a designer, you may be tempted to include various design elements and symbols to show your creativity; however, simple logos can be more attractive and appealing than complex artwork.

Take a look at some of the iconic logos; they are all simple. Be it the half-bitten apple of Apple or the plain Gucci wordmark: they are amongst the simplest logos in the world.

The TikTok logo uses simple design elements to create a sense of psychedelia. The emblem is a fantastic mix of simplicity, power, harmony, and mystery.


A logo that is easy to remember is considered to be an irreplaceable asset of a company. An easy-to-remember logo allows the customers to recall your brand instantaneously.

A memorable logo can be created when you balance the textual and visual elements of the logo. The text and symbols should be aligned with your brand personality. A brand style guide can help you and others involved with the project to create designs that are balanced and in line with the brand.

The TikTok logo appears well-balanced and communicates the key messages in an uncomplicated way. The logo is memorable and sticks in the users’ minds easily.


Most logos that have gone on to achieve iconic status are the ones that have seldom been a part of a trend. While trends come and go, iconic logos remain effective and relevant over time.

Logos that have remained relevant through time have focused on quality and not quantity. So, if you want to design a logo that stands the test of time, you must focus on the following:

  • You should avoid following the latest fads.
  • You should avoid cluttering the logo with excessive design elements.
  • Following the core ideas of your brand can help you come up with a winning design.
  • As a designer, you should always find ways to be unique.

While it is too early to say if the TikTok logo will achieve iconic status, it has all the elements in the right place to make it one.

Fun facts about TikTok

TikTok users are mostly between the ages of 16-24 years

A survey conducted in 2019 found that almost 41 percent of TikTok users were from Generation Z—users between 16-24 years.The platform attracts a younger age group because of the type content it encourages.

TikTok is banned in India

It may come to you as a surprise that one of the most popular apps in the world is banned in India. Before the app was banned, India was one of the leading markets for the video-sharing platform and constituted 30 percent of global downloads.

People spend 52 minutes on an average every day on TikTok

According to Backlinko, people spend 6-7 minutes on the app and open it about 8 times daily. Users spend almost an hour creating, uploading, or scrolling through content.

Influencers on TikTok can make up to $5 million annually

Creators on the video-sharing platform can have followers up to 100 million and make  up to $5 million a year.

TikTok Logo: Everything You Need To Know About The Colorful Musical Note
Creators on TikTok can make a good living just out of making good original content. 

The importance of the TikTok logo in app’s popularity

Ask a brand guru about the reasons behind TikTok’s popularity, and the note logo would not be the first thing that would pop into his head. No matter where marketing specialists or design experts place the importance of the TikTok logo, the note has for sure been among the major reasons for the video-sharing app’s exceptional popularity.

Eye-catching logo is equal to money!

Yes, you heard that right. For any app to make a name for itself in the market, it first needs to get the attention of the people. And what could be better than an eye-catching logo! The more attractive the logo, the better are the chances of users using the app.

The note makes a great mobile icon. And every time someone is attracted to the note, he gets hooked to the app, and TikTok makes money!

The TikTok note is a prominent feature in digital marketing

While it is true that having a good logo can boost a brand’s personality, it is not the only component that fosters brand identity. That said, sometimes logos are so glamorous that companies end up making them a part of every marketing campaign. The TikTok logo is a prominent feature of every digital marketing campaign that the brand creates.

The note symbol is used in branding merchandise

The popularity of the TikTok logo has led the brand to use the note in various branding merchandise. TikTok’s branding merchandise includes shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and many more items. Branding merch is a great way to connect with customers and potential buyers, and TikTok does it better than most!

The takeaway

Businesses, big or small, invest a great deal in devising new ways to connect with consumers. When a business is blessed with a good-looking logo, it becomes easier to connect with the customers. The TikTok logo is indeed a handsome face of a company that has made it easier for the brand to communicate with its audience.

Businesses accross the world have consulted DesignBro to build their brand with logo, website, packaging design and much more.

We can help you too!

TikTok Logo: Everything You Need To Know About The Colorful Musical Note

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