YouTube Studio Gets A New Icon: Twitter Users Go Hysterical

by Mark Stephens
The new YouTube Studio icon has social media talking

According to social media users and creators, the new YouTube Studio icon resembles the YouTube Music logo.

YouTube recently updated its studio icon, which content creators can use to gain valuable insights about their videos.

The video sharing platform has been the weapon of choice for content creators for over 15 years. In its quest to make the platform user-friendly, YouTube has always added new features to keep the creators engaged.

 YouTube Studio is the mecca of creators since this is where creators manage and grow their channels. YouTube Studio for Android and iOS lets creators edit video settings, manage playlists, get notifications, filter and reply to comments, and view stats. The old icon featured six prolonged gears in red with a white play button in the middle. The YouTube Studio icon clearly portrayed what it was about – a platform to create and manage videos.

The new YouTube Studio icon features a smooth red hexagon separated by an outline of a white hexagon; however, the triangle play button has retained its place in the middle.

According to social media users and creators, the new YouTube Studio icon resembles the YouTube Music logo. The new hexagon logo does not symbolize what YouTube studio stands for, as per creators who use the video-sharing platform.

The new hexagon logo began rolling out in phases last week, with iOS users being the first to receive the icon. Creators took to Twitter to express their anguish over the new logo, with many proclaiming that the new logo fails to evoke the sense of “studio” anymore.

A Twitterati commented, “The new YouTube Studio app icon is horrendous. How is a hexagon more “studio” than a gear?”

“The new YouTube Studio icon is awfully similar to the YouTube Music Logo,” commented another.

Many creators have argued that the YouTube Music logo is a circular emblem; whereas, the new YouTube Studio Logo is a hexagon, so the question of the two being similar does not arise. While it is true that Google has a history of creating similar-looking icons, the creators’ claim of YouTube creating identical emblems might be far-fetched.

The debate surrounding the new logo will not end soon; however, it will not cause any long-term damage to the video-sharing platform. YouTube has provided a platform that has enabled creators from across the world to express themselves in every way possible.

The following video explains how to use the YouTube studio:

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