What Makes The Wix Logo Attractive?

The Wix logo stands apart from the crowd because of its simplicity, relevance, unique fonts, and above all, its friendly-looking mascot. While it is true that the mascot is not present in the present logo, the cloud-based platform should think about including it in the future.

Wix, the cloud-based platform that provides web development services, changed its logo eight times since its inception in 2006. While the Wix logo is attractive and never fails to attract the audience, what led the management to redo the company logo is a question we will try and find an answer to in this article. We will also explore what makes the Wix logo so alluring, but first, let us look at some facts and numbers.

An article published on Forbes talks about a prediction made by Gartner about the future of cloud computing. According to the prediction, the “global spending on cloud services is expected to reach over $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020.”

Here is an interesting video on cloud computing trends in 2022.

Web development is among the many services cloud-based platforms like Wix provide. However, its free-to-use feature makes the platform different from other similar sites. The Wix logo beautifully portrays the friendly nature of the brand.

A brief history of Wix

Founded by three Israeli developers Giora Kaplan, Avishai Abrahami, and Nadav Abrahami in 2006, Wix.com Ltd. is a cloud-based platform that helps users build websites for free. The cloud-based platform also helps users with mobile app development, logo, and SEO solutions.

The user-friendly platform boasts of having over 800 “designer-made templates” that can help anyone with little to no knowledge about building websites to create one for themselves or their businesses.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Wix was financed by investors such as Mangrove Capital Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners in its early days.

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The Wix logo

Old Wix Logo
The first Wix logo.

A logo is the face of the company. A company logo is used by customers and potential buyers to recognize your brand. Brands that don’t invest in designing the face of their company in the early days face difficulties in establishing their brand identity. Apart from logo designs, a brand must also spend a lot of time thinking about creating a professional-looking website and social media designs.

The Wix logo is a great example of a well-thought-out logo. While many may be of the opinion that changing the visual identity of a brand too often may backfire, Wix has only gained more popularity through its logo changes. Again, all the eight logo changes are variations of the same design.

While the cloud-based platform has partially changed its visual identity many times since its inception, the centerpiece of its logo design has always remained the same.

Meaning of Wix logo

Every time Wix changed its logo, it removed or added some interesting design elements; however, a friendly-looking mascot hung around in most of their emblems. Mascots are a lucky charm for brands and “have the power to communicate the most complicated messages in the simplest way possible.”

A friendly-looking mascot designed in the shape of the English alphabet “X” can be seen in most of the company’s logo redesigns. The mascot represents the friendly brand personality of Wix. The wordmark complements the mascot and clearly communicates the brand’s mission and values.

The mission statement, “Create your professional web presence—exactly the way you want,” lets the users and customers know that the friendly company is always beside them to fulfill their desire of building their online presence. The logo takes the mission statement one step further by including the friendly mascot in its logo.

While the current logo does not have the friendly-looking mascot, the company should rethink their branding strategies and get the brand mascot back!

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Evolution of Wix logo

Evolution of Wix logo
: The eight logo redesigns in the company’s sixteen-year-history.

Wix changed its visual identity eight times in its sixteen-year-history. Let us explore each one.


The first Wix logo featured the brand mascot in yellow and white with bright sparkling eyes. The friendly mascot attracted the audience as soon as they saw it. The wordmark below is placed neatly. Both the mascot and the wordmark appear to complement each other.


The management changed the logo the year after the company was launched. The logo is not much different from its 2006 counterpart. The eyes of the mascot are now darker and paced left of the wordmark. The enlarged wordmark looks a lot similar to the present logo.


The mascot in the 2008 version looks a lot friendlier due to the position of its hand. The mascot is back in its old position and has a happier facial expression. The wordmark, too, finds its position below the mascot, except it has a grayish tinge. The logo is executed in a blue background, making it look more colorful.

2009 – 2010

The Wix design team decided to redo the logo again in 2009. The logo lacks the dynamism of its 2008 version. The mascot appears static, and the grayish tinge has been removed from the wordmark. The wordmark now appears in its original avatar. 


Wix removes its friendly mascot from the logo for the first time. The wordmark appears in silver with a gradient. While most of the recognizable elements from the logo are missing, it certainly retains the yellow dot over the “I.” The blue background has also grown lighter. The management at Wix could have been inspired by IT companies that use blue and white as their official colors.

2012 – 2013

The wordmark is reimagined in black with a drop shadow, and the blue background has been removed. The logo does not feature the mascot, and the lettering “.com” has been done away with. The minimal logo looks well-balanced and attractive.

2013 – 2015

The friendly X-shaped mascot is back and placed on the right side of the wordmark. The logo appears similar to the 2007 version, except “.com” has not been added. The spacing between the wordmark and the mascot looks balanced and neat.

2015 – Present

The current logo does not feature the mascot. The wordmark stands alone and looks like some of its earlier counterparts. While the present version of the logo is attractive, the company can do a lot better by adding the mascot on its primary emblem.

Color palette of Wix logo

Black and yellow have always been the primary color scheme in the Wix logo. However, blue and white have also been used. Black in the logo symbolizes professionalism and power, whereas yellow portrays friendliness and positivity. Blues stands for security, and white evokes purity and innocence. The color combination is perfect for a company that helps people build their space on the internet for free!

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Font of Wix logo

The typeface has been tailor-made for the online platform. The typeface cannot be put into any font category or family. The font was designed from scratch to depict the friendly character of the brand. The combination of sharpness and smoothness gives the font the special touch needed to portray the friendliness and playfulness of the brand.  Good fonts allow companies to communicate their brand personality effectively, and the Wix font does that to a T.

What makes the Wix logo so captivating?

Logos that have gained iconic status over time have many things in common. But, what really separates them is their captivating nature. Versace, Google, Coca-Cola, FedEx, and Amazon are among logos that never fail to allure the audience. The Wix logo also has the charm and the firepower to become iconic.

Let us explore what makes the logo so captivating.


The Wix logo captivates the audience because it is relevant to the market its company targets. The logo clearly communicates the key traits of the brand. While the brand mascot is not a part of the present logo, it has brilliantly communicated the brand personality.

A designer uses various symbols to anchor the attention of the audience to the brand. In the case of the Wix logo, the brand Mascot and the custom fonts act as the visual anchor that guides the attention of the customers to the brand.


One of the reasons for creating a logo is to generate the interest of the customers and potential buyers in your brand. When a customer recalls your logo effortlessly, it becomes that much easier for him to connect with the brand.

The Wix logo stands apart from its competitors because it easily attracts the audience and connects with them at a deeper level. It is unique because it does not follow the common norms of the industry.


Another key trait most iconic brands share is simplicity. Simple logos are free of extra design elements that clutter a design and focus on highlighting only the key traits of a brand’s personality. The Wix logo communicates the main personality of the brand in an uncomplicated way. The Wix emblem is a great example of a simple logo that does not scream for attention.


Another trait all iconic logos share is timelessness. A logo that remains relevant even after decades have gone past is a Timeless logo. At times, brands go for a partial redesign, but they never do away with the elements that make their logo timeless. Changing a logo too many times makes a brand look unstable, which is why once you find the timeless elements of your logo, you should stick with them.

The Wix logo has everything that can make it timeless, however, the brand must stick to its timeless elements, such as the brand mascot to get there.


The Wix logo is a perfect example of all the design elements coming together in harmony. From its unique selection of fonts to the friendly mascot, the Wix logo truly stands apart from its competitors.

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