How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

A carefully crafted pattern, when used on your marketing collateral like brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards, logo or even packaging, can do wonders for your business. It can work as an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for communicating your brand’s values, preferences, and personality. From apparel and product packaging to office stationary, website banners, and wall decals, pattern designs are used everywhere and how. For something so popular and persuasive, have you considered using it for your brand promotion? Here are a few pointers on the what, why and how of pattern designs.

What is a pattern design and what is its significance?

A pattern design occurs when there’s a repeated arrangement of lines, shapes or colors over a surface. Its effect changes depending on the symbols or graphics used and how they are repeated, at regular or irregular intervals. While patterns are very much in trend, they’ve been technically around for as long as we can remember. Found abundantly in nature as in forest trees or sea shells, it’s no surprise that people have been drawing and decorating their home and surroundings using patterns.

When symbols, icons or colors are used in a definite structure or spacing, our brains can easily recognize this repetition, which gives us a sense of satisfaction. This harmonious order makes looking at patterns a pleasurable experience. People can easily remember and relate it to your brand, which will help in better customer reach and retention. 

Why use a pattern design?

  • More positive response from potential customers – Modern audiences will take interest in a unique pattern design and a company that can get so creative with their brand identity.
  • Enhance your brand recognition – Audience remembers a brand by its visual appeal and an interesting pattern will add to this impact.
  • Make your brand stand out – No other company can replicate this pattern, it’s a way for your brand to build its own identity.
  • Visual representation of your brand’s value and ethics – Showcase your brand stories through unique pattern designs and color choices.
  • Make your stationery and other advertising collateral more impactful – Stationery and regular business documents are typically boring, but an interesting pattern will encourage customers and employees to engage better.

How to Use Pattern Designs for Effective Business Branding

1. Define Your Brand’s Visual Style

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

The first step to using a creative pattern for your brand is to know your business objectives and figuring out all of the key elements that’ll allow you to convey that message to your audience. Start by referring to your competitors or the brands that you find most interesting. 

Notice what patterns they use, what colors they prefer, and what visual style works best for them. While you may take inspiration from their visual patterns, you can’t entirely depend on them. For example, you may like floral patterns and it is a popular choice, it doesn’t really work for every business. Imagine seeing a floral pattern on a construction company’s business card—something seems wrong, isn’t it?

However, the same floral pattern would look perfect on a bakery’s or better, cosmetics brand’s packaging. The reason is obvious: the object in the pattern has a direct or indirect connection to the brand’s service or product. What’s more, we typically associate floral patterns with things that are beautiful, fresh or feminine. So, if your client is craving some fresh cookies or a relaxing spa session, there’s a good chance they’ll be drawn towards your brand with floral patterns on your packaging and other marketing collateral. That’s the power of visual engagement through unique pattern designs. 

2. Choose Patterns that Match Your Style

Once you’ve clearly decided on your brand’s visual style, start gathering ideas and inspiration for your pattern design. While there are many readymade patterns available that seem to match your brand’s style, they’re not always precise or appropriate. It’d be a better option to work with a seasoned graphic designer who understands your visual style and creates a unique pattern design for your business marketing collateral.  

Here are some great pattern ideas to consider for your branding projects. They’ve been created by independent designers around the world, using various tools and techniques that fit different visual styles.

Striking facial patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

An extremely unique, hand painted facial pattern, this design by Fernanda Lima is a masterpiece. Perfect for psychological portrayals, charities and anything that has to do with human existence. 

Tropical boho patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

The ‘boho chic’ or ‘boho’ style typically features a range of warm shades and hippie-inspired patterns. Take inspiration from these unconventional and highly expressive pattern designs for your branding collateral. 

Detailed watercolor patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

Inspired by the Chinoiserie style items, this hand painted watercolor pattern is made with extreme attention to detail. It’s ideal for clothing, gift, stationery, makeup and cosmetics brands.

Owls & floral patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

Bring a piece of nature into your branding project with these nature-inspired owls & floral pattern designs. Take clues from these unique natural patterns for your beauty, interior décor or fashion brand promotion. 

Terrazzo/Granito patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

Inspired by an intricate flooring technique called Terrazzo, these pattern designs are totally fun and unique. Use them on t-shirts, product packaging, business cards or even websites to grab your audience’s attention. 

Cool geometric patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

Considered as one of the most visually appealing design styles, geometric patterns exude a sense of minimalism and stability, which are important for branding success.

Here are 3 reasons to use them in your marketing collaterals:

  • Help users navigate through different lines and shapes.
  • Covey vital information about your brand.
  • Add eye-catching visual effects that make your brand stand out.

These geometric design patterns are perfect for website backgrounds, invitation/visiting cards, wrapping sheets, wallpapers, home/office décor, wall arts, t-shirts, etc.

Communicative patterns

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

No matter what you’re using a pattern design for – website, business card or product packaging – they’re a great way to strike a connection with your customers. Using the right communicative pattern will allow you to tell your customers about your brand, without going over the top. They’re fun, interesting, and help raise awareness about your company. So, if you deal in something unique or distinctive that’s hard to explain, use a communicative pattern to give your branding collateral a humorous yet meaningful twist.

3. Consider adding logo to your pattern

While there are many ways to use your logo for brand marketing, few things are as effective as using it on your product packaging. Packaging, in the form of boxes, gift parcels or cartons, works as a key branding tool for any company that sells a commodity. However, there are several other interesting ways to design a packaging than simply sticking your brand’s logo onto a box!

A more innovative way is to repeat your brand’s logo to create a unique packaging design pattern. Unlike a plain packaging that may go unnoticed, this logo pattern design will help your customers to better recognize, remember, and repurchase from your brand. Only a seasoned graphic designer can help you design such unique design patterns.

At DesignBro, there’s a community of experienced designers from around the world, ready to compete for your packaging design contest. Simply submit a creative brief with your requirements and start receiving quality designs in the next 48 hours. Choose only the best design that wins your heart!

4. Use pattern designs to differentiate products

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

Using patterns in product packaging can be helpful only when you can visually differentiate different products, while also maintaining a strong connection to your brand. For example, you can use the same pattern design in various color schemes and textures to signify different flavors or fragrances. 

Another option would be to create patterns with a specific connection to each product. The Le Temps Chocolate uses elements from different decades of the 20th century for their product packaging design. For example, the white chocolate bars feature an English aristocrat wearing a top hat and a monocle; the 24 percent cacao chocolate bars show a girl in a 1920s headband and other art deco elements.

The ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s are featured similarly – clean, colorful style with bold and bright props.

Additionally, if your product comes from a certain part of the world, such as tea from China, apples from New York, coffee or cocoa beans from Colombia, try using a design pattern that connects to that region for instant brand recognition.

5. Choose the right pattern colors

They say first impressions matter. This is especially true when it comes to branding. Since colors evoke emotions and feelings, they enable the audience to form an initial impression about your company without even knowing what you offer. In simple words, colors are powerful in helping consumers decide whether or not they want to make a purchase from you. Typically, it’s a good idea to use your brand colors when creating your marketing collateral. However, patterns give you the opportunity to experiment with different shades, other than your brand color.

When choosing the colors for your pattern design, it’s important to think about your target audience. If you’re trying to appeal to the younger, fun loving generation, go for bold colors. Pastel shades, on the other hand, help create a quiet, calming effect and would be an excellent choice for middle-aged and senior citizens. If you’re targeting the classy, high-end group, stick to a minimal, monochrome color scheme.

Patterns are a great way to play with color psychology and give your brand a better reach. When you use two or more colors in your pattern design, the contrast draws your audience’s attention and increases their curiosity about your brand.

Here are a few brands that have used pattern designs in their logos and other branding collaterals.

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

This colorful, fun and quirky pattern logo belongs to ACTIVE, an emerging social app. The look is very refreshing and appeals to the younger generation, who are particularly active on social media.

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

This classy color combination of black and gold is a real head turner. The muted floral patterns in beige/gold exude a sense of luxury and elegance that any other pattern or color scheme couldn’t offer. 

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

This exhilarating pattern in red, green and white is worth remembering. The geometric floral pattern does complete justice to the brand’s name – flowers and wine.

How to Leverage the Power of Pattern Design in Your Branding Efforts

This killer color combination of red and black in abstract patterns has a striking effect on the audience’s mind. It’s exclusively created for Creative Tribe, a PR / advertising / events agency logo design.

Final words,

Branding with patterns is easy and powerful, but only when you do it right. For example, a blue floral pattern evokes a sense of calmness and is perfect for spas and salons, but it might not be that effective for your bakery business. So, knowing the color psychology and choosing the right pattern is very important.

Remember, the world of pattern designs is huge, and no matter what you do there’s always a pattern out there for you. Just decide on your target audience and the style that best suits your brand. Work in collaboration with a skilled graphic designer and get your brand talking through unique and evocative patterns. 

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