Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

The novel COVID-19 has altered our lives in so many ways. From hustling daily to working from home, from visiting restaurants to eating home cooked food, from parties to in-home celebrations, our lives have changed immeasurably, and sometimes for the better. Thanks to the stay-at-home orders and the continued recommendations for social distancing, a lot of people have started investing in natural skincare products instead of chemical infused make-up kits.

There was an estimated fall of 20 to 30 percent in global makeup-industry revenues (2020), while the skincare market was up by 75% and was searched for an average of 590K times every week. Some of these make up stores and salons will never reopen, and new openings will likely be delayed for another year or two.

Top Skinfluencers to Team with for Your Skincare Branding

The pandemic has become the prime time for skincare brands, bringing in a host of beauty social media influencers, better known as skinfluencers. Whether you run a skincare business or wondering how to start a skincare brand, collaborating with these social media influencers is a great idea. The reason behind this is that these influencers are often trusted individuals with a large number of followers, who look up to their content. Many skinfluencers are also licensed dermatologists, so when they say or promote something, it’s typically accepted by the audience. This ensures better business credibility and customer engagement, which will boost your skincare branding.

Here are twenty skincare aficionados that can help generate your skincare business sales, traffic, and followers.

1. Hyram Yarbro

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @SkincareByHyram

Since the skincare advice on his TikTok page went viral, Hyram has seen a startling rise in his number of Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers. He gained over 5.4 million TikTok fans in less than five months and also became a leader of the TikTok Skinfluencer community. Previously, he was posting his skincare regimes and product reviews on YouTube, where had over 2.8 subscribers. Currently, he has over 1 million followers on Instagram and big skincare brands like Clinique, Iunik, and Peter Thomas Roth have already collaborated with him. The secret behind his huge follower base lies in his educational content, welcoming attitude and unique storytelling style. 

2.  Nicole Caroline

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @nicolecarolineskin

Nicole Caroline is a certified acne and anti-aging specialist, trying to bring awareness about skincare solutions, and she has been doing it for over two decades. She has also won the title of “Best Facialist in Greenwich,” awarded by Moffy Media for two years in a row. Caroline treats all types of skin problems and shares numerous tips with her followers on social media. Since January 2021, the number of her Instagram followers has almost doubled from 10k to 23.1k. This sudden rise can be traced to her frequent appearances on NBC and Access Hollywood, as well as her features in the ‘Vogue’ magazine.

3. Tina Craig

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @tinachencraig

Tina’s blogging about handbags made her a popular name in the world of fashion influencers, but the Bag Snob founder has her eyes set on skincare awareness now. Her U Beauty brand is already taking the skincare industry by storm, thanks to her award-winning anti-aging serum. With a following of over 472K, Tina is a popular face in the skinfluencer space and appeals to a wide range of demographics all across the globe.

4. Caroline Hirons

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @carolinehirons

A trained aesthetician, brand consultant and skincare blogger with over 120 millions page views, 18.4 million views on YouTube, and 370k Instagram followers, she’s definitely a queen in the world of skinfluencers. Her skincare regime, adult acne, retinol and double cleansing ‘cheat sheets’ are looked up to by many wannabe beauty bloggers, and her honest reviews about the effectiveness of skincare products or brands has earned her a legion of loyal followers. She has collaborated with big brands like Amazon, The Body Shop, and Strivectin, giving these companies exposure to a wider audience in comparison to other skincare branding tactics.

5. Danna Omari

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @noyskincare

With over 20.2K YouTube subscribers and 495k Instagram followers, Omari is one of the top skinfluencers around. She promotes holistic skincare through face reflexology and curates beauty items from other brands for her online store – NOY Skincare Shop. She has also collaborated with big brands like Eye Doctor and Living libations and actively promotes them on her Instagram page. With a startling growth percentage in her Instagram followers (46% since January 2021, from 279k to 410k), Omari’s on her way to unprecedented success.

6. Dr. Lara Devgan

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @drlaradevganmd

A board-certified (the American Board of Plastic Surgery) and award winning plastic surgeon, Lara is famous for her innovation in the skincare and cosmetic beauty industries. She has her own line of products, named ‘Dr. Lara Devgan Scientific Beauty’, which is the best in medical-grade skincare. By collaborating with big brands and publications like Vogue, Sephora, and Real Self, Lara’s Instagram followers have continued to grow.

7. Devan Jesmer

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @devsday

A licensed aesthetician and content creator based in Dallas, TX, Jesmer loves sharing her insight on products she’s using and helping her clients and social media followers reach their skincare goals. On her Instagram handle, she talks about new skincare products and posts unbiased reviews so her followers can stay updated and alert about what to buy next. Although she doesn’t have a huge number of Instagram followers (19k), her account continues to grow at a steady rate (almost 20%) and her most popular post (till date) has an engagement rate of 49%. While she may not have a very large number of followers to gain business leads or boost your skincare branding, you can leverage her credibility to gain your audience’s trust in the long run.

8.  Georgia Louise

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @georgialouisesk

Celebrity facialist, Georgia Louise, has helped numerous celebrities like Emma Stone, Cate Blanchett, and Jennifer Anniston with their skincare regime, and she’s also recently opened her latest atelier at the AllBright West Hollywood. Louise’s social media account features her skincare line and regular promotions as a La Mer Global Skincare Advisor. She’s also been seen collaborating with brands like Biologique Recherche and Peel on her Instagram account. Her Instagram posts are accessible to all her followers but are boosted by endorsements from celebrity clients.

9. Andrea Suarez

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @drdrayzday

Dr. Andrea Suarez, MD is a certified dermatologist in Denver, CO and has over 10 years of experience in the medical field. Being skincare enthusiast with a passion for skin and a healthy lifestyle, she has earned over a million YouTube subscribers in a short span of time. She is also popular on Tiktok with around 1193 followers. With just under 300k Instagram followers and growing at a 17% rate, Suarez has leveraged brand partnerships to increase organic reach and affiliate earnings.

10. Renee Chow

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @gothamista

Renée Chow AKA Gothamista is a skincare expert who tries and reviews products, sharing her personal experience through a friendly, relatable voice on her social media handles. She has over half a million YouTube subscribers and around 200K Instagram followers, who look forward to her genuine and information-packed content. Based in NYC, she believes that skincare and self-care are what keeps her sane. She also owns her own blog and website, where she shares unique skincare tips and tricks along with other interesting articles and videos.

11. James Welsh

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @James_S_Welsh

London-based skinfluencer, James Welsh started his career as a celebrity stylist, but later went on to be a social media influencer. He has an authoritative voice when it comes to skin and hair care product reviews, helping his audience with their buying decisions. He also delves deeper into the beauty product ingredients and explores their real benefits or problem areas for his followers. With nearly 900K YouTube subscribers 200K Instagram followers, James is definitely one of the best influencers to team with for your skincare branding.

12. Liah Yoo

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @LiahYoo

A skincare expert, social media influencer, and founder of Krave Beauty, Liah Loo began her blogger journey on YouTube and quickly amassed over 1.19M subscribers. She also has over 271k followers on Instagram and around 1 million likes on her TikTok videos. In her words, “I believe that influencers play a more crucial role than ever in impacting the industry.” She has also collaborated with brands like Humanrace and Primera to promote healthy skincare choice among her audience.

13. Victoria Lyn

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @victorialyn

A skincare and creative makeup enthusiast, Lyn reached 1 Million Instagram followers in early 2021, branding her as a “mega social media influencer” based on her audience size. With around 350 brand sponsorships on her IG profile, she is a great person to collaborate with to increase your skincare brand awareness and reach. This way, you’ll get more audience exposure, which’ll hopefully turn into real business leads.

14. Chemist Confessions

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @chemist.confessions

Started by co-owners Victoria Fu & Gloria Lu, Chemist Confessions is a popular name in the skincare world that has grown into a podcast, book deal, and a skincare brand. Their most popular sponsored posts have a reach of around 100k-200k and include big brands like Sephora and Peter Thomas Roth.

15. Dr. Howard

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @dermbeautydoc

A certified dermatologist and originator of GIRL+HAIR hair care, Dr. Howard’s Instagram followers have almost doubled in 2021. Thanks to her useful and engaging posts and a feature that allows her followers to consult her directly, Dr. Howard has an average engagement rate of 3-4%. Her expertise and transparency with followers aids brand collaborations as followers can be assured the brands Dr. Howard is recommending are effective.

16. Cula Dautriche

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @theculderm

With content full of infographics, memes, and other interesting stuff like the IG Live “Culskin” Series, Dautriche has quickly become a household name for skincare enthusiasts. At around 6k followers, her Instagram growth has been steadily increasing and will likely soar further in the future. Dautriche’s high engagement rate (8%) and collaborations with skincare brands like CeraVe and Degree show the value of working with micro-skinfluencers.

17. Susan Yara

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @SusanYara

A former Forbes journalist and beauty pageant winner (Miss New Mexico), Susan is the founder of Mixed Makeup and co-founder of Naturism – a plant-based biocompatible skincare brand. Although she began her journey as an on-camera news reporter in NYC, she soon realized her passion for beauty and wellness and started connecting with fellow skincare influencers. With around two million followers across Instagram and YouTube, Susan is definitely a popular name in the beauty world. As half-Asian, half-Hispanic, she connects to a global community ranging all cultures and ages.

18. Cassandra Bankson

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @CassandraBankson

Her journey to success as a model with acne has encouraged Bankson to share her skincare challenges and story with the world. A medical esthetician and a skincare influencer with over 2 million followers across social media, she is popular for sharing her healing journey with severe, cystic acne. She has over 1.18 million YouTube subscribers and almost 200K likes on TikTok. Bankson is best known for her unbiased reviews on celebrities’ routines, her science-based skincare videos, and cruelty-free makeup posts.

19.  Adeline Kikam

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @brownskinderm

A dermatology resident and owner of the Instagram account Brownskinderm, Kikam specializes in and advocates for research of darker skin tones on all her social media handles. Her content also features skincare product reviews and advice, which are useful for her followers. With an ever increasing base of followers and features by different celebrities and publications, her profile is the perfect platform to pitch your skincare brand to prospective customers.

20. The Skin Sisters

Top 20 Skinfluencers Who Are Making It Big on the Internet

IG: @theskinsisters

Sisters and dermatologist PAs, Brooke and Lauren’s Instagram acoount is full of skincare advice, IG TVs, and sneak peeks of their Dermatology office. Their sponsored partnerships include LaRoche Posay and Secret Deodorant, but they work with and review products from other brands as well.

Skincare influencers, better known as skinfluencers, are a wealth of knowledge. From addressing common skin conditions like acne and wrinkles to reviewing skincare products and promoting holistic skincare regime, they’re your go-to for any and all skin-care related issues.

However, if you own a skincare brand, you’ve got an added benefit – you can use their popularity for better customer reach. All you have to do is collaborate with them and get your brand promoted through their reviews, endorsements and giveaway contests. While there are many skincare branding ideas out there, teaming with skinfluencers is probably the most effective one in today’s world of social media.

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