How to Make a Photography Logo

Step aside and let the logo take the floor. A photographer can tell a whole story with one photo, and so can a photography logo.

Being a photographer requires never-ending creativity, great powers of imagination, constant searching for new ideas, and of course, natural talent. Word of mouth has been a great means of promoting and advertising different services for hundreds of years.

With the advent of digital technologies and social media, you have the advantage of reaching much greater audiences. Moreover, there is no need to come up with a great copy, simply create a logo and let it do magic. Rely on the logo’s eloquence, and let people from all over the world hear your story.

Tips for Making a Great Photography Logo

If you want to be a good photographer, you need to be talented. And if you want to be a successful photographer, you need a logo as it is a powerful tool to attract potential customers. The main task of a logo is not simply to tell people your story but to make them believe in it.

A perfect emblem goes the extra mile and makes people not only believe in your story but encourages them to relive it with you each time they choose your services. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, you need a logo that will perfectly reflect your professionalism, skills, experience and let people understand your personality.

With DesignBro, you can create a perfect logo which will bring all of your advantages in the professional field to light and make them shine from East to West. We have come up with some tips for you on how to make a great photography logo:

  • Think about an idea.
  • Make the logo simple but eloquent.
  • Choose the right icon.
  • Choose an appropriate font.
  • Choose the best color combination.

Creating a photography emblem is a challenging task, and that is why it is so important for you to voice all the desires and share your vision. However, the challenge doesn’t stop here as the more designers know about your skills and personality, the better.

The designers at DesignBro leave no stone unturned while bringing together all of your characteristics. So, try to be yourself when ordering a logo, and let our designers portrait all your achievements with one icon.

Start with the Idea

Corporate logos are crucial whatever business we take. For a photographer, a logo lets potential customers understand their style, gimmick, as well as the approach used in photography.

However, a logo along can’t do magic to your business. To be a gifted photographer is paramount to achieve success in the niche, and the brand emblem acts as a powerful catalysator. It accelerates the process of attracting potential customers. The point is that the first thing you have to be sure of is that your customers are fully satisfied with the services you offer and that you meet all the needs put forth. Thus, the math is simple. You just need to take your natural talent for photography, multiply it by professionalism and expertise, add the right logo, and voila, you are on the final straight before success.

As of now, you have the first and second components, and you are looking for the third one to solve the equation. At this point, it is important to start with the idea for your brand identity design. As the photography business is highly competitive, it would be wise to come up with several logos for you to choose from. At DesignBro, we offer you an opportunity to start working with several designers, each working on a separate emblem idea. After that, you choose finalists and express your wishes concerning the design for our specialist to improve these logos.

A useful tip at this stage is to tell potential customers about the niche you work in. For example:

  • Wedding photography
  • Event photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Product photography
  • Fine art photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Sports photography

And the list goes on. The best examples of logos indicating the niche are provided below.

How to Make a Photography Logo - David Scott Photography How to Make a Photography Logo - CantonioliHow to Make a Photography Logo - ERROL GAMSUHow to Make a Photography Logo - Frame The Moment

Methods to Create a Professional Logo

There exist numerous tools and methods to create brand logos. And you have to choose wisely among them all. We should admit that there is no universal solution that would fit all. However, we will give you an insight into some of the methods used.

  1. Do it yourself. As a photographer, you must not be short of creativity. So it is a good idea to create your emblem on your own, and there are a lot of websites and tools on the Internet allowing you to do this from the comfort of your home absolutely for free. Besides, creating a logo with your name written on it is an easy way to come up with a unique and identity-oriented solution. Such logos are not about names exclusively, you can add a little icon or a graphic element to spice things up. It will be like a cherry on top that will definitely sweet your brand emblem up. However, it is not always the best practice as you may end up with something you do not like.
  2. Search on freelancing platforms. To stay on the safe side, you can always ask design studios or freelance designers to help you in this regard. As money is involved, when looking for an emblem maker on such platforms, always check feedbacks about this person left by his or her previous employers. Also, express your specific ideas and desires clearly to your logo designer, this avoids different visions and gives you a greater chance of ending up with a logo you love.
  3. Ask professional websites for help. To be 100% sure that you’re actually dealing with experts, and to guarantee you will receive a logo you love, it’s better to work with a professional website that has experience with photography logo design. Actions speak louder than words, and at DesignBro, we’ve gathered the best design professionals who have created a multitude of logos for renowned brands. Our design experts are trained to think out of the box, and for every project, they once again manage to come up with extraordinary and unique designs. Also, at DesignBro you will receive full copyright for your photography logo design.

How to Choose the Right Icon

Once you have multiple designs in front of you, how do you know which one to pick, and more importantly: which icon works best for your new brand? Alternatively, you have to brief the designer, and how do you know what to ask for?

One way to look at it would be to think of what niche you work in, are you a pet photographer, landscape, wedding, or family portraits?

Next question you should wonder is, do you want that to be clear immediately or are you looking for something a bit more subtle?

Try getting your designer to play with negative space, or using your name as a ‘signature’, making you the ‘artist signing off on work’.

Avoid overcrowding.

One thing that you often see is that too many items are tried to be combined into one simple element. The truth is once you lose the overall balance of your design, it could look like a complete out-of-focus family portrait. Not charming. Our advice: keep it simple and avoid logos and icons that are too cliché.

How to Make a Photography Logo - MATT GAGNON
How to Make a Photography Logo - RICHARD SKINS

How to Choose the Right Font

First of all, we really stop calling it a font once it’s used as the main feature of your logo or brand. The reason is that it may have originated from a font file at some point, but every good designer will make manual adjustments to this typography up to such an extent that it becomes a unique creation: Your Brand.

However, that being said, which font should the designer base your unique logo on in the first place? If you have any ideas this can greatly improve the overall outcome! You can never be too picky when choosing the right fonts as these can make the whole creation process go down the drain. We have come up with some useful tips concerning fonts for you to make the right decision.

  1. Whatever your niche is, make sure that the font used in your brand will be recognized.
  2. Use classic fonts as these can add to the brand emblem.
  3. Do not overcomplicate matters if it’s not adding anything.
  4. Check if the font used matches the icon.
  5. Make sure the typography works both in positive and negative instances- especially as you may have dark and light surfaces in photography.How to Make a Photography Logo - KIKO SANCHESHow to Make a Photography Logo - JOHN STONERHow to Make a Photography Logo - Michael Kunde

How to Choose the Right Colors

The color palette also makes a difference, so you have to decide on this carefully. As a rule of thumb, almost all photography logos come in black and white, and at DesignBro, we do believe that this might be best, with good reason.

Namely, you will likely use this emblem as a watermark on your photographs. This means the black and white always works without causing unnecessary distractions. Our suggestion: Make sure you have a black & white logo that works well in positive as well as in negative, meaning black on white as well as white on black. This means your watermark will work on both your photos with a dark background as well as with a light background.

How to Make a Photography Logo - Patrick TakHow to Make a Photography Logo - Copytrack

Final Touch

To be a successful photographer, you obviously need talent, but also a logo that will tell customers about your niche and expertise. Remember, simplicity is the soul of genius. Find the time and money to create your perfect brand logo, and coupled with your professionalism, it will turn out to be the best investment in your business. Instead of telling people about your skills and services, let the logo speak to thousands of potential customers at the same time while you are actually doing your photography.

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