What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

In this post we’re going to learn about startup branding.

It’s been a month since I launched DesignBro logo maker for startups.

Since then, Logobly has generated over 10,000 logos for startups!

That’s a lot of logos. And startups. And founders.

I’m going to share with you some useful data Logobly has unearthed in the process of creating 10,000 startup logos.

It includes handy insights on startups, startup branding and startup founders.

Let’s dive in.

What types of startups are founders launching?

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

First up, the types of startups founders are launching. Before I launched DesignBro logo maker, I did market research using Product Hunt and Indie Hackers as a basis for my startup categories.

By far ‘Productivity’ was the most popular startup category on Product Hunt. I figured people would most likely be launching the most new startups in this category.

There were a lot of startup logos created for in the Productivity space, but it was not the most popular startup category.

The 3 most popular startup categories were in fact Gaming 7.4%, followed by Design at 6.8% and then Health & Fitness at 5.5% of out of the total number of startup categories listed on DesignBro.

What colours are founders branding their startups?

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

My research into startup branding led me to the fact that the internet is dominantly blue in color. The research holds.

The most popular colour for new startup logos was in fact blue at 24%, followed by red at 10% and then green at 8%.

No surprises here, startup founders love the colour blue for their brands.

What fonts are founders using in their startup branding?

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

Fonts wise, based on my experience I knew most startup founders prefer to use sans serif fonts.

9 out of 10 fonts featured on DesignBro logo maker are sans serif.

I knew these types of fonts would be a popular choice in startup branding.

The number one font founders used to brand their startups on DesignBro logo maker app was Arlon at 17%, followed by Arona at 10%, and then Qualy at an equal 10%.

What countries are founders from?

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

When it comes to startup founders using DesignBro logo maker to brand their new startups, most of the founders come from the US at 7.4% of Logobly users, followed by India at 6.8% of total users, and then the UK at 5.5%.

India’s internet users are exploding right now! It’s great to see this new market with a huge share of founders.

What age are startup founders?

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

When it comes to the age of founders, the majority of founders are aged 25 – 35 years old, followed by the second largest group of startup founders at age 18 – 24 years old.

This was slightly younger than I would have anticipated, so it came as a surprise.

My guess is that more and more younger folks are starting their own startups as opposed to working for other folks which is great.

Female versus male founders

What I’ve Learned Branding 10,000 Startups

Most of the startup founders using DesignBro logo maker are male, with a total of 63% percent.

Still a large and growing share of startup founders are female which is great to see.

That’s a wrap on startup branding

I hope you enjoyed the findings on DesignBro logo maker’s first 10,000 ventures into startup branding.

My biggest takeaway was the surprising number of founders based in India.

I also found it interesting that most startup founders are aged 25 – 34 years old.

I look forward to writing about what I’ve learned branding 1,000,000 startups in the future!

I’m sure I’ll have a whole bunch of new insights and learnings to share with you when that time comes.

Feel free to use the infographics in your blog posts, remember to link back to this blog post for reference.

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