Free Online Logo Makers – What’s the Problem?

It’s clear that getting the right logo for your company is a must. You need your brand to stand out and be memorable, and a great logo is key in ensuring that. But figuring out how to get your logo can prove confusing, and difficult. And, when you’re on a budget, your options may seem limited. In an effort to help you find your way, we’re covering all the different ways you can get your logo made.

In your search for how to get your logo, you’re sure to run across the online logo maker. It seems to be the magical option: it’s dirt-cheap and crazy fast. In spite of first impressions, it’s often criticized for being the wrong route to take. Why? It can bring up copyright problems, isn’t the greatest quality, and is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

This guide will help you decide whether the online logo maker is the way to go and, hopefully, make it easier to decide how to best get your company’s brand new logo.

What is an online logo maker?

The online logo maker is simple and dirt-cheap. They basically utilize a number of existing images and fonts with tools that allow you to make your own business logo. You’ll type in your brand name, and anything else you want included on the logo, and then rifle through some options of symbols and colors. After a few quick choices, you’ll have a logo. You’ll run into a screen at the end asking you to pay for the use of the design. Often, the cost will be $30 – $50 to be able to use it.

The Ups and Downs of the Online Logo Maker

The online logo maker is, undoubtedly, the cheapest way to get your logo made. The way the tools are built makes it somewhat entertaining to play around with, and will give you immediate results. Unfortunately, the quality of the logo might not be the best – any designer will tell you that. If you’re not familiar with the design world, you may not be aware of the complexity of designing a logo. The reality is that the online logo maker doesn’t give the opportunity for this complexity. They tend to lack the one-of-a-kind feeling that a logo should have and are unlikely to be very specific to your brand. For instance the ‘font’ of your logo will be unadapted and anyone could use the same. Your logo needs to be specific to your brand, and needs to tell a story. It’s unlikely the online logo maker will tick these boxes. Getting it done by any experienced designer is likely to get you much better results.

Copyright Issues?

Getting the copyright of your logo right needs to be a big priority. You need to have a logo that no one else has, for both legal and design reasons. Your brand should be the only one using that design, and copyrighting it is how you ensure this is the case.

Keep in mind that the online logo maker might cause you some copyright issues. It is unlikely that the icons provided for designing your logo can be legally copyrighted. This means other businesses similar to yours may be using the same icons or similar logos. This could cause you a headache in the future, and is important to consider.

Our advice is to prioritize other ways of getting your logo made that ensure copyrighting is an option.

Is the online logo maker right for me?

If you’re on a tight budget, and lacking the time, the online logo maker is a quick and easy solution to get something made. However, investing a little more in getting an ownable business logo tailored to your brand is worth your time and money. All in all, our recommendation is to invest in getting the right logo. We know that not all businesses can afford the professional design agency, and it may not be the best choice anyway. But just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the quality of your logo. It’s an important part of your business, so doing it right should be key. If you’re looking for the most cost-efficient option, DesignBro offers quality logos from experienced designers for only $199, and ensures you won’t run into the copyright problems you face with the online logo maker. Start your project today, and get your logo before you know it.

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