10 Best Coffee Shop Logo Inspirations

What can be better than brewing a hot cup of coffee in the morning? For many people, it’s an essential part of their daily routine and a first-to-do thing in the morning. Warm, flavored coffee gives a powerful boost of energy to start a new day and ensure quick and smooth wake-up.

If you are a true coffee lover, you might even be thinking about starting your own coffee business. Exciting! Good luck with that! Here we present examples of the top 10 creative coffee shop logo designs for your inspiration. Keep reading.

How to choose a creative coffee logo design for your business?

Сoffee is one of the most traded products in the world, the high demand for this wake-up juice is evident. Therefore, it’s is no wonder that сoffee shops are significantly raising in number and taking the market by storm.

Let’s imagine that you have decided to start a coffee business. Your main task right now is to find ways how to stand out from the crowd and get others to notice you. That’s simple. First of all, the answer lies in high-quality coffee beans. Secondly, you need to create an eye-catching coffee brand logo.

You may be surprised, but a creative coffee logo can have a great impact on moving your business forward and helping to attract customers. A dazzling coffee logo design will work like magic for your business and give it a powerful boost to be noticeable among the local competition. There are several types of coffee logo designs, which include:

  • Modern designs: Your coffee logo can be flat and modern which works well for people of all age groups.
  • Vintage designs: Your coffee logo can make people feel nostalgia with retro pictures like kettles, mugs, and wheel coffee mill. 
  • Barista logos: Your coffee logo can give a feeling of comfort and warmth with homey-like pictures of steaming coffee or coffee beans.

To give you some inspiration for your coffee logo, we have prepared some coffee brand logo design examples. Have a look at them below.

10 creative ideas for your coffee shop & cafe logo designs

For many people, a coffee shop is not only a place to get a daily dose of caffeine but also to escape from the hustles and bustles of everyday life or take a break from an office space. Since coffee shops are an integral part of our daily routine, you need to be sure your coffee shop is attractive to your potential customers.

The creative coffee shop logo is a crucial way to get noticed. Just think of Starbucks, one of the most well-known names in the coffeehouse chain. Currently, there are over 22.000 Starbucks shops in the US alone! The key to their success is not only in a large selection of coffee but also in their distinctive logo. That’s why designing a unique, eye-catching logo is essential.

Don’t worry, if creative coffee logo ideas still sound greek to you. Here are 10 inspiring coffee logos for your business. Just enjoy and get inspired!

Black Sheep Coffee

Best Coffee Shop Logo -Black Sheep Coffee

Coffee Shop NoRoots Coffee Co.

Best Coffee Shop Logo - Coffee Shop NoRoots Coffee Co.

Caribou Coffee

Best Coffee Shop Logo - Caribou Coffee


Best Coffee Shop Logo - Starbucks

SkyBean Coffee Co. 

Best Coffee Shop Logo - SkyBean Coffee Co.

Chado Matcha Coffee Bar 

Best Coffee Shop Logo - Chado Matcha Coffee Bar

The Mini Coffee Co. 

Best Coffee Shop Logo - The Mini Coffee Co.

The Botanical Coffee Company 

Best Coffee Shop Logo - The Botanical Coffee Company

Gloria Jean’s Coffees 

Best Coffee Shop Logo - Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Forest Coffeeshop 

Best Coffee Shop Logo - Forest Coffeeshop

5 quick tips for creating a delicious coffee shop logo

Like people judge a book by its cover, people will judge a coffee shop by its logo. No matter how good your place is, your logo is actually a thing that makes the first impression.

So, your task is to create an appealing logo to be easily noticed among other coffee shop logos. Follow these 5 tips to create an attractive logo and crash your competitors.

1. Focus on what makes you different 

Creating a logo for your coffee shop may be easier if you understand the main principles your brand stands for. Look around at your main competitors and tell what makes you different from them. Why your coffee shop is better? Or what unique service do you provide? Pick the words that describe it best. Is your place cozy and inviting? Bright and airy? Or probably it suits for family-friendly dining?

2. Choose gripping symbols

Next, you need to brainstorm strong symbols that may describe your brand and differentiate it from competitors. Looking at some coffee shops logos, you may find out that most of them have coffee cup shapes or beans. Such symbols aren’t wrong, but they are too obvious to grab the customer’s attention and leave little room to keep in mind your brand. Here some questions to be asked:

  • How did you decide to start a coffee shop?
  • What is the most remarkable thing about your place?
  • What is the yummiest thing about your menu?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • How do you want customers to recognize your brand identity?

Now, answer your questions and choose symbols that relate to your brand. Keep in mind that a good coffee shop logo design should have simple fonts, geometric shapes, and colors that relate to your brand.

3. Create unique logo style 

Since a coffee shop logo is seen as the first impression of your company, it should be tailored to display specific values and unique corporate identity from the first sight.Choose a logo that corresponds to your brand and tone. For instance, aged texture and neutral colors match well with vintage logos. Follow these common logo styles for inspiration:

  • Monogram logos or lettermarks are those logos that consist of letters, in most cases, brand initials, e.g., CNN, BBC, HBO.
  • Wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo focused on the company’s name, e.g., Google, Visa, Coca-Cola.
  • Pictorial mark or logo symbol is an icon or logo-based symbols like the Twitter bird or Apple logo.
  • Abstract logo mark is a geometric shape that reflects your business, e.g., Adidas flower or Pepsi circle.
  • Mascot logos have illustrated character. They are cartoonish, colorful, and in most cases, fun. Good mascot examples are KFC’s Colonel, Mr. Peanut, and Jolly Green Giant. Actually, a mascot is a great way to create a unique brand design and stand out from the competitors.
  • Combination mark is a logo which consists of both text and symbol reflecting a brand. Some popular designs of combination mark are Lacoste, Burger King, and Doritos.
  • Emblem consists of font inside a symbol or icon. The most popular emblem logos are Starbucks and Harley-Davidson.

4. Choose the best color combinations

Picking the right colors is very important for a brand logo. A chosen color scheme should ultimately reflect the main values and characteristics. Make sure you choose colors that create positive associations. For example, brown is a common color for a coffee logo because it reminds of roasted coffee beans.

5. Make a draft

Don’t be too attached to your logo early at the start. Create several drafts and make changes until you get the most appealing logo. Ask yourself:

  • Does your logo look eye-catching?
  • Does your logo communicate specific values?
  • Does your logo reflect the identity of your brand?
  • Does your logo help to stand out from the competitors?

If you can’t answer “yes” to all these questions, your logo is not finished yet. Work hard to create a unique idea that will be catchy for your customers.

Do you need a logo for your coffee shop? If so, we can help!

Creating a professional logo design is an important business decision. Whatever you need a restaurant or coffee shop logo, we are here to help you and provide the most suitable solution for your branding dilemma. Here two fantastic options describing how to create a stunning logo for your business and stick out.

Option 1. Hire professional designer

There are plenty of online services where you can hire a designer to create a unique logo design for your business. DesignBro is one of them. There you describe all your goals and preferences, and a professional designer fulfills them into reality at short notice. Individual approach to your business is the best way for your brand logo to stand out from the competition.

Option 2. Use free logo creator

If you need a budget option, you may try free logo makers. There you can customize coffee logo templates previously designed by logo designers and edit them in accordance with your business name and style. You can try several templates and then choose the option that corresponds to your wants and needs the most. The main advantage is that you can control the entire process of your logo design and the final result. The downside is that it’s unlikely you will be able to copyright your logo, as these logo makers tend to use publicly available icons and fonts without any major adaptations. The upside? It’s dirt-cheap!

As you can see, there are two options to create a distinctive logo for your business. You can design a coffee shop logo design by yourself or let the professionals do their job. Whichever option you choose, the main task is to reflect your product in a single glance while creating an edge over your competitors. Well, what are you waiting for? Make your choice and create a unique coffee shop logo right now!

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