Abstract Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Generally, the term “abstract” is defined as either being something that exists “apart from reality” or something that “summarizes a concept”. In the design world, abstract designs allow artists to showcase their ideas and creativity freely, and this is why it has become such a popular art movement.

What is an abstract logo?

Similar to abstract paintings, an abstract logo design illustrates a high level of creativity. An abstract logo consists of a combination of basic shapes that convey all the essential ideas about a company. This can include an arrow, cube, hexagon, circle, square, etc.

The main ideas about the business are represented with solid colors that contrast the shapes. Basic colors are used, and there are almost never any gradients or shading as everything is supposed to appear as clean and simple as possible.

Companies that choose to create an abstract logo for their business design them with a story in mind. However, to audiences, these stories tend to be a bit ambiguous. Abstract logo designs are hard to figure out and are meant to be interpreted differently by people, and that’s the true beauty of it all.

For many businesses, abstract logos can serve as a statement piece to their brand identity. As they decide to incorporate abstract icons into their design, they’ll realize that they have just created a unique logo for the public to remember the company by.

Although abstract logo designs may seem a bit challenging to create, the process isn’t really as intimidating as it sounds. All you need is a little bit of inspiration. Luckily, in this article, we will be presenting the best abstract logo design ideas to you.

1) Gulpie

Gulpie logo design

Image source: Dribbble

Gulpie is a business that describes itself as a “blockchain-based social food discovery platform”. The logo uses a tilted and abstract lowercase letter “G” as its main image. Additionally, the differently shaded areas inside the letter help bring attention to the contrast between its hot pink border and the dark purple background.

So, what exactly does this logo represent? Are you able to see it? Well, first of all, the hot pink area serves as the plate. The leaf-shaped object is supposed to be a piece of tofu and the purple background serves as the tablecloth. This is a very interesting and appealing design that interestingly, was made during a mundane lunch break!

2) Inflow

Inflow logo design

Image source: Dribbble

This logo design proposal is meant for mental performance products. The logo itself, although looks like a scrunched up rubber band, roughly resembles the human brain silhouette in different colors. It is drawn out in a single line, and if you follow this line in one direction all the way through, you’ll notice the illusion of depth.

Different colors emphasize different parts of the brain working together, which makes this abstract logo design one that is simple, memorable, and strongly representative of the mental performance theme.

3) MOON Skincare

MOON Skincare logo design

Image source: Dribbble

This brand that sells a line of skincare products uses the theme of eclipses for its abstract logo design. Two simple circular shapes create an illusion of movement, which allows for the viewer’s eye to naturally see them coming together. The shapes collide and the colors used help create an apparent shadow effect. MOON Skincare’s abstract logo represents the lunar eclipse. Due to the logo highly matching its name, this allows for the visuals the deeply strengthen the brand’s identity to its full potential.

4) Muze

Muze logo design

Image source: Dribbble

This logo is designed for Muze which is a messenger app. Four ellipses and two circles in three colors; that’s all it took to create this gorgeous abstract logo. What’s interesting about this design is that the designer took inspiration from the way chat messages pop up on a smartphone.

Open Facebook, Whatsapp, or any other instant messaging app, you’ll see that this logo closely resembles message text bubbles. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? On top of that, the colors chosen for this design supposedly represent how we exchange information and enter each other’s world through online messages.

5) Natoni

Natoni logo design

Image source: Dribbble

With some logos, you will only scratch your head and think, what does this even mean? This similarly goes for abstract logo design. Luckily, the meaning of the Natoni logo is openly shared with the public by its designer, Ted Kulakevich.

The Natoni logo represents the concept of “Starting, Evolving, and Sustaining”. You can even see how Ted came up with the form of the logo – he started with the figure of a layered “8” and selectively filled out three curves from the middle section. Later on, he threw in a custom font to go with the unique symbol and voila! There you have it, the Natoni abstract logo masterpiece.

6) New Black

New Black logo design

Image source: Dribbble

The company has the word “Black” in its brand name, so of course, the logo will have to be monochrome! This sleek and elegant logo design has 3 stretched out hexagons placed next to the company’s name on the lefthand side. Alternatively, you can look at the hexagons as three squares projecting into the background. Solid black on pure white background attracts the eye, just like a TV screen does. This is representative of New Black’s business which focuses on entertainment!


Abstract logo designs help a business quickly create workable designs using cheap, simple shapes and ideas. Just like we’ve seen with the logos in this article, you can create an abstract logo in a matter of minutes using shapes and forms that are easily recognizable and understandable.

Use any item that evokes interest in you to get inspiration for your abstract logo design. Start out with numbers, squiggly lines or anything else that tickles your imagination. Simplify, use basic colors and shapes and create a logo that will impress people all over the world.


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