How to Make your Custom Bakery Packaging Stand Out

For any business, one of the vital concerns is captivating the attention of potential customers. This may seem like a challenging endeavor but small things can make a big difference. Your product packaging can be effectively used as a competitive advantage. It can give your customers a sneak peek into what your brand is about and how you are different. Investing in your product packaging’s branding is definitely likely to pay off. If you are a bakery owner, looking for inexpensive yet effective ways to boost sales, here are some tips to make your custom bakery packaging boxes stand out!

Use Lively Artwork

Colors have an influence on the way an onlooker perceives an object. Think creatively on how you can make your custom bakery boxes entrancing for the buyers. An artsy layout can surely stir the interest of your customers. Talk to your graphic designers about hues, images, and fonts. However, make sure that whatever design you aim for defines your business and products. You can have separate boxes designed for various items as well. For instance, donut boxes can have a different layout than the pastry ones and so on.

Have Premium Finishing for your Bakery Packaging

The first impression counts. So having quality finished bakery boxes would make them instantly likable with the customers. Not only the cake gift boxes; you should have all the product packaging finished with customizations that add finesse to it. Quality of not only your product but the packaging is of the essence these days, as it can make or break a brand’s impression.

Pick your printer after doing thorough research on the turnaround times, prices and other important factors. Finding a professional printer would make it quite effortless for you to design and print packaging that can leave a lasting impression!

How to Make your Custom Bakery Packaging Stand Out

Add Glam to your Bakery Boxes

How about turning your packaging into a series of interesting brand and product story? You can innovatively use pictures and short text to enlighten customers about your bakery. How you started off, what was the idea and what makes you different. Start a sequel of your story and make it engaging enough that customers would wait for your next episode. This way your bakery packaging boxes would significantly help you with branding as well.

Feature a Cause on Custom Bakery Boxes

It is a proven fact that businesses with corporate social responsibility get noticed by the customers more. Highlighting your cause through your packaging would make it unique. Whether you want to support home-based bakers or stand against a social cause, feature it on your custom printed bakery boxes. This way, people would perceive your business as a responsible one and they will feel inclined towards knowing more about you.

Add a Small Gift or Personalized Note

If you want to earn the loyalty of your customers, it is important to connect with them. Adding a small gift like a cookie or truffle in your product packaging would make the buyers delightful. You can have a thank you note printed on your bakery box as well. Having varying notes on your product boxes would make them stand out. Small gestures count and utilizing your packaging for such notions can go a long way in boosting sales and customer retention.

How to Make your Custom Bakery Packaging Stand OutMake it Easy to Identify Your Packaging

If you want your customers to develop an association with your product and packaging, then make it memorable and easy to identify. Just like the shiny red Ferrari that takes the crown when it comes to exotic cars. Join hands with a reputable packaging company if you want to observe the same reaction with your baked items.

According to Forbes, your packing must pass the 5-year-old test. This essentially means that you must be able to describe your packaging to a 5-year-old and the kid should easily understand what you mean. For instance, tell the kid to get an orange package with milk and cookies on it and you’ll be sure he will come back with a specific pack of cookies.

Choose the Right Hues for Your Bakery Boxes

Several studies have shown that colors have a huge impact on people’s buying decision. This is something that has been proven again and again. Not only colors attract people but they affect everyone in a different way. So when it comes to choosing colors for your bakery boxes, take your time and find the best hues that can influence your target audience by eliciting the right emotions.

Your product packaging can make or break your business. No matter how great your product may be, if your packaging is poorly designed and incorporates low-quality materials it won’t allow your product to move off the shelf faster. So keep the aforementioned tips in mind and don’t be afraid to try out something novel. At times being different pays great dividends. But make sure your product isn’t completely different from competing products.

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