Best Law Firm Logos With Cool Designs

Trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependent, and powerful. These are the values most law firms want to communicate to the world. In this world of law and order, is there still a place for marketing? Think of it this way: When a client or opposing council receives a letter from you, or business card, what would you like them to think or feel? This should be your conscious marketing choice. You decide how memorable or authoritative your firm becomes, and it all starts with your logo design.

Is a Law Firm Logo Really That Important?

Yes. And again yes. Law firm logos are that important. But probably if you’re reading this article, you already know this and are probably looking for a memorable brand design.

Creating your new law firm brand is just like any new case you might take on board. A case you need to win to make your firm well-regarded.

The only difference is- there is no judge or jury, or at least not an appointed one, just all your customers and opposing sides. The image you choose to create determines the outcome.

Don’t worry, we’re not legal experts, we’ll leave that to you. That being said, our team of professional designers can help you with your design in the same way you help your clients with the law.

Why Is a Law Firm Logo Important?

A law firm logo is a powerful marketing tool that can add to your professionalism. A good dress is a card to an invitation. And so is the case with law firm logos.

When people come across your firm for the first time, be it a search on the web, an advertisement on TV, or an intimidating letter, the first they see – is your logo. And first impressions do count!

At this stage, they know nothing yet about you or your firm, whether it’s reliable or whether your lawyers are really experts, but they start to form an impression within split seconds, based on your logo.

Without a doubt, just a great logo won’t win your cases, but a first impression starts to shape the relationship from day one. And a really cool logo is what will tell the world that this firm is up for the task.

How to Make Great Law Firm Logos

Coming up with something unique and creative is quite a challenge, but at DesignBro, we welcome a great challenge.

Our team of highly skilled design professionals takes all the wishes of our clients into account to deliver exactly the brand the customer was looking for.

So, here you will find the most important tips on how to make the best law firm logo that won’t just be pretty but practical as well. Let’s come down to fundamentals right now.

Tips to Remember When Choosing a Law Firm Logo

Below-listed are our pieces of advice you can take into consideration to make the right logo choice. And these are as follows:

  • Clichéd symbols are boring and not unique, but balance this with making your business easily recognizable as a law firm. So don’t worry about making sure you communicate you’re a legal practice. Just make it clear you represent law and order. At DesignBro, our skilled graphic designers use their creative skills to the fullest to make your emblem stand out from the rest.
  • A good emblem will not only tell your potential clients that you run a law firm, but it will also indicate the niche and what kind of legal services you offer. For example, personal injury, estate planning, bankruptcy, intellectual property or it will incorporate part of your name initials.
  • Make sure that the design complements your website design and looks great on business cards, or the other way around.
  • If your emblem design is colorful, take into account that sometimes it will appear on black-and-white surfaces, so make sure it is as attractive in negative as it is in positive.
  • Consider the field you are in, how do your peers look. How do you match up? Make sure you strike a good balance between tradition and trustworthiness, with a touch of modernity to make sure your clients understand that you’re not stuck in the past.
  • Think where you plan to use your new brand. For instance, if you are planning to use the logo on a wall sign once you walk out of the elevator, you might want a wide version. Or alternatively, you might want a version of it that is less wide for your letterhead and business cards. Make sure you think of this in advance and let your legal logo designer know.

Common Traits Used in Modern Law Firm Logos

We noticed that many of the best law firm logos share some traits. When creating a legal logo, our experienced graphic designers know to keep this in mind:

  • Neat (no visually distracting flairs)
  • Simple (no extravagance)
  • Concise (no more than seven words)
  • Bold (to make a visual impression)
  • Easy-to-read typography
  • One or two colors (rarely three)
  • Visually muted color scheme

If you think about this, you will see that they make your law firm emblem influential and stylish at the same time.

Work with Experienced Graphic Designers

Branding requires a lot of time, creativity, and imagination. That’s why only the best and experienced designers work at DesignBro. All of our talented logo makers have impressive portfolios full of catchy law firm logos.

Our professional designers are a combination of three types of people which make an ideal skill set:

  1. Technical perfectionists
  2. Graphical artists
  3. Creative specialists

They can transform your ideas and wishes into a cool and stylish logo design that will help shape and transform your business.

Inspiration: 13 Best Law Firm Logo Designs

Below you will find a selection of really cool law firm logo designs:

BLumenfeld Legal LogoSimple and creative, it immediately attracts attention. Even though the icon doesn’t indicate the business, the word ‘legal’ compensates for it.

Letter ‘L’ in letter ‘B’, and both are the first two letters of the company name. Five out of five!

Brooker Law LogoAnother one which is not short of creativity! An elegant icon and a perfect combination of three colors.

Order Logo Design

Besides, blue indicates high professionalism, and this emblem conveys this message in the best way possible.

Dulin Law Firm LogoStylish, upmarket, and timeless. This one catches attention because of its integrated Dulin and ‘law firm’ logo, held together by the golden box.

G Eric Beilson and Associates Law LogoThis logo design speaks for itself. An unusual icon is easy to remember and conveys a professional look and feel. Just what is needed.

CG Cifuentes & Gonzales LogoA rich color scheme and a curvy but elegant icon make this emblem stand out from the rest. And the figures in the backdrop add to the overall design. Thus, everything on it indicates a modern but upmarket approach to legal services.

Gilberto Melo Advocacia LogoComing with a pleasant on the eye yellow color, this emblem also features a creative sword-and-shield icon which means that the company is ready to fight for your rights.

KAO LogoThis one doesn’t even need any words indicating the business. Why? With its state-of-the-art design and feel, you will always remember what are the services provided. Simply unpretentious and powerful.

Kibmerly Suin Law LogoProfessional and powerful, this logo is a modern, clean interpretation, where the sharpness of the icon, forming the letter ‘k’ clearly shows the bite the company can have if it needs.

Martina Lander Law LogoModern but classic, this logo uses an icon that combines ‘M’ with a stylized version of the scales of justice.

Mckenzie Law firm LogoBlue emblem again! And again marvelous!

The stylized iconic lion used symbolizes confidence of attorneys and their readiness to act.

Palumbieri Law Boutique LogoCreative icon. Classic font. The year of establishment and the background featuring a lawyer at work – an emblem speaking thousands of words.

Peter Harrison Attorney at Law LogoThis contrastive emblem with an attractive color combination shows nothing but the expertise of the lawyer. And the year of establishment proves it.

Last but definitely not least, this simple brand design shows the readiness of the company to battle unlawfulness.

Final Touch

Even a law firm needs a proper marketing tool. And this is where the brand logo comes in place.

Most people view law company logos as a means to judge lawyers’ professionalism, expertise, and skillset. So invest your time and efforts, and go the extra length in creating an influential emblem which can attract more clients.

What we offer at DesignBro is a team of skilled graphic designers free from any clichés.

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