Amazon Product Packaging: Breaking a New Ground

We do judge a book by its cover. And most of the time, it proves out to be an effective manner of forming an opinion about the book. This goes for all the people, products, and services. Now, before we implement this to the amazon product packaging, let us understand why it applies to the same.

So, even though we have been suggested otherwise, we do instinctively pay attention to the packaging. Let us break it down; packaging reveals a lot (enough to let us know what we are buying), it creates the physical outline of a product, it helps us presume the size and shape of the product, the quality of the package sets a standard for the product inside, and it leaves us in anticipation and curiosity concerning the product. Eventually, we are inclined towards buying a product that jumps off a page with its color, graphic, typography, and other whatnots. 

However, this certainly creates a problem for the sellers. With the world going competitive by the minute, it becomes infeasible to pay attention to individual package design while covering all the factors. After all, there are only so many fonts and colors available. Fortunately, gone is the era when product packaging was simply about how it looked; now it is more about how it reaches the customers. 

Amazon Packaging Design

As a seller, if you have listed your product on Amazon, you must be aware of its overlooked factor: product packaging design. However, if you are not actively selling your product on Amazon, let me just help you with a single piece of fact, there are more than 350 million products on Amazon. You combine math and psychology for the same. 

Being one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces, Amazon certainly helps the sellers to grow their business exponentially – from building trust with customers to reaching an unimaginable range of potential customers. It goes without saying: it requires you, the seller, to work smart (and hard). 

I could go on and on about how the packaging design of your product matters as the first impression, but let’s look at it from a perspective that most of us must have experienced. For starters, how many times did you take a minute with a bubble wrap before reaching out for the product inside the box? Right, that many times (mine is certainly above 698). 

Now that we have landed on a memory (probably one of the first ones) of times when we were taken by the tiniest surprise through packaging, let us understand how the retail giant helps the sellers with Amazon packaging design. 

Amazon Product Packaging Requirements

Yes, the leading selling platform has its own set of requirements which is expected to be fulfilled by the sellers. When it comes to packaging, Amazon clearly states what a seller is allowed and restricted from doing. And these factors are non-negotiable – for both the sellers following the FBM guidelines and the sellers following the FBA guidelines.


To increase the efficiency during the packaging and shipping of a product, Amazon has introduced a scannable label that is accessible by the Amazon fulfillment network staff. The FNSKU (Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit) can be easily downloaded while setting up the product, which you shall share with the suppliers to help yourself and Amazon with an organized inventory. Also, with the help of this label, not only employees but machines also get to do the tasks, such as finding and placing products, in a much easier way. 

Country of Origin

Besides the specific guidelines for each product, in order to accept products that are imported, the United States government requires the products on Amazon to have the country of origin mentioned on the packaging and product as well. 

While a customs expert can certainly help you with the legal aspects of Amazon product packaging, it is always a good idea to do a little bit of research on your own. Not only will it help you understand the terms and conditions better, but it will also save you from any lack of clarifications from the customs department. To conduct the research, you can simply start by studying how similar products are packaged. For instance, if you are a toy manufacturer – while ensuring your product packaging design matches legalities, you are required to mention the age limit and risks associated with the specific product. 

Product Packaging Design and Sales

Amazon Product Packaging Design & Sales

Okay, Amazon puts in their share of help when it comes to maintaining fulfillment; fulfillment is an Amazon jargon to comprise storing, packaging, and delivering products. However, these requirements and guidelines are not a certain path to success – in this scenario: increasing sales. With millions of products listed on the platform – all following the requirements and terms, the competition remains downright intense. Thus, leaving it on the sellers to cover their products with packaging that sells on its own.

Pay Attention to Inserts

Most sellers and marketers presume that packaging ends on the outside. However, it is as layered as a Trifle cake – with all layers affecting the others. As you plan the packaging, it is essential to provide a smooth and satisfying unboxing experience to the users. The inserts may include any marketing material – from warranties to thank you notes. One significant reason to consider the inserts closely is the fact that Amazon does not provide sellers with any customer details; so this could be your only shot at turning a one-time customer into one of your loyal, long-term customers. 

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Appeal Through Authenticity 

In most cases, people order quite a number of products in their everyday lives – making your product one of the run-of-the-mill products. Moreover, with most sellers trying to go after marketing like customers don’t get it, there is only one way to stand out: connect with the customers through your product. Your product is the only way you can communicate with your customers, and before they reach your product, they will be removing the packaging. Thus, be exclusive and put the tone of your brand into the product packaging design. 

Minimize Everything

A company having success in terms of commercialization and customer-experience, Apple, is known for how it makes the entire customer-experience smooth and quick. If you dig deep, you will find out that all they do is remove the extra set of tasks that customers already dread going through. A way of doing the same is by uplifting visibility and simplicity with a touch of only-essential details, and stepping into the customers’ shoes, omitting whatever words or tasks serves little to no purpose. 

To Conclude,

When it comes to any aspect of design, we understand that every creator finds their own way to create the ultimate design. Amazon’s product packaging design is not alienated from the same. Just because it is directed towards one selling platform, does not mean that the exact same approaches won’t help you with product package designing in general. Feel free to get your hands dirty, that shall help you get a clearer idea concerning your packaging design. 

Is there an approach that works great for your product packaging but isn’t mentioned here? We’d love to know! Also, your fellow peers will thank you later. 

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