Is the Design Agency Right for You?

Figuring out how to get the right design for your brand, can be a confusing task. There’s so many options to pick among – from the online logo maker and the freelancer, to the design agency or the design contest platform – that the task of understanding which is best can often lead to a head ache and a desperate Google search.

But the reality is that they all have the good and the bad, and the choice completely depends on what you’re looking for, what you need, and what you’re willing to spend.

Among all of these choices, you’ll find the professional design agency. It’s the traditional route, and inarguably the pricy one. But is it worth your money?

What is a professional design agency?

The professional design agency is the choice most large corporations go for, because it offers the most complete approach. But, for smaller corporations, the hefty price might be more than they can bear.

If you’ve got the money, a professional design agency can provide you the support to get a top-notch design, whatever this design may be. A professional design agency has a full staff dedicated to getting you the design you want. They will work with you to ensure your brand is the best it can be, and to provide advice and expertise on how to improve and optimize your branding. You’ll usually pay tens of thousands for their guidance regarding the best logo and branding for your company. They’ll have a full team working on your case. It’s a comprehensive approach to getting a logo made, but a pricy one. And, often, a long-term one. Getting your design at an agency could, potentially, take months.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of a professional design agency are pretty easy to discern. The pros? It’s the best, most comprehensive approach you’ll get. They’ll most likely give you strategic reasons for why you should pick certain designs. All the decisions will be based on extensive research. They know what they’re doing better than anyone else, so you can be sure you are getting the best of the best.

The cons? It’s expensive and time-consuming. You’ll pay thousands and thousands, and wait for months to receive an update. They take their time and they charge a considerable amount. So, it’s a matter of asking yourself if it’s worth it for you.

Worth it?

It’s also in your, and your bank account’s, best interest to question whether what you’re getting is actually worth the price. Professional design agencies have some serious overheads; account managers, secretaries, expensive water or champagne to serve you when you come visit the trendy offices. In reality, you may find yourself paying more for these overheads than the project. It’s important to analyze what you’re getting, and whether the price is worth it. Think of it as flying business class – all of the luxuries are great, but the reality is that you pay a considerable price for them and end up at the same place as those in coach.

Should I pick the professional design agency?

At the end of the day the deliverable is the same: one good design that reflects your brand. We’ve already discussed the many ways you can get this design, but if you are looking for professional tailor-made advice, people to discuss strategies with, and someone on call at any moment, a design agency is the best, and probably the only choice for you.

If the price tag has you squirming, and would leave your bank account pretty close to empty, there’s much cheaper options that can get you the professional design you’re looking for. At DesignBro, for example, only hand-picked experienced designers are allowed to participate. You’ll pay for a number of designs to pick from, and take home your favorite. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s cheap, and it’s the quality you need. You can start your project, and have the perfect design within two weeks. 

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