How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

In spite of all the amazing digital marketing tools available today, one cannot but accept the efficiency of signage in promoting one’s real estate business and getting more leads. This way, you can reach out to a larger audience, including those who do not follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Zillow. Real estate signage doesn’t just promote you or the properties, but your entire brand. Whether you deal in residential or commercial properties or even both, your signage is your representative. It speaks for your brand and its services, when you cannot.

Custom real estate signs work almost like a business card, enlightening your target audience about your brand name, contact detail, and information on the properties. They’ll plant your business like a seed in people’s minds, hence persuading them to consider your brand or agency when planning a property investment.

Hence, it’s important to include signage in your realty business marketing strategy, ensuring it’s 100% unique, attractive and influential. While a skilled design agency like DesignBro is the best option to design your custom real estate signage, here are a few crafty ideas to make yours stand out from the others.

Here are a few real estate signage designing tips that’ll prove handy. Prior to using any of these ideas, consider checking with the neighborhood’s HOA to ensure nothing you do or design violates the local or state property rules.

1. Ditch Sign Riders

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

Almost all agents who use yard signs are accustomed with sign riders that accompany those signs. These are typically smaller signage placed either beneath or above (or both) the bigger graphic in the real estate signage frame. Although sign riders sometimes play a crucial role in upgrading the status of your property or adding value to your agency, they are often difficult to read or decipher from a distance.

Whether you want to omit the sign rider and use the entire frame for your property listing will depend on a few factors – the position of your signage, the amount of local traffic, and how far it is from the main road. When you use the entire space for promoting your property in big, bold letters, you automatically make an impact on the audience’s mind.

It is really effective when you’re trying to draw a large crowd to an open house. For example, you can design several different signages for sold homes, under contract homes, open properties, and rentals and swap them out as required.

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

Customers, in general, have a very short attention span.  All branding materials, including real estate signs have only a few seconds to grab the audience’s attention and convey your desired message. A creative and memorable logo plays a significant role in building brand awareness and making others aware about your products or services. In fact, it is one of the very first things that people notice when reading a signage, and most reputable brands are recognized by their logo.

Those who own a private, independent real estate business, have complete authority over the visual identity of their brand. Keep the design simple, yet striking and visible enough to be noticed from a fast-moving vehicle. For this, you can use just one or two bold colors and fonts, along with a smart and clean emblem.

Remember, the logo is more than your brand representative – when done right, it can boost your local brand recognition and enhance your professional image in the given industry. In case you already have a real estate business logo, consider getting it upgraded by a skilled graphic designer. These days, people prefer mostly working with realtors who have a smart and modern approach.  

3. Keep Your Message Simple

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

If the message you wish to convey is unique to you or your listed property, consider having your signage custom-made from a qualified design agency. Even if you prefer to do it on your own, remember to keep your message brief and simple. Since the key objective of your signage is to persuade the audience to take action, it’s strongly advisable to focus on clarity and preciseness. However, it’s important to remember that simple doesn’t really mean something basic or generic.

For example, you can choose short and striking words to promote the property you’re dealing in, especially if you’re planning to target a certain class of people. Use relatable features like “Soundproof walls” or “Backyard sitting area” for a bachelor’s pad or single-storey home. Again, if you’re putting up a property on sale during the Halloween period, consider using a phrase like “Not Haunted” to add a little bit of humor and capture the audience’s interest.

4. Add Technology to Your Signage

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

A modern and effective take at today’s real estate signs is technology integration. For example, you can generate a dynamic QR code to your signage to direct the audience to your official website, social media accounts, or even a dedicated landing page with details about your property or open house event. You may also opt for digital signage like LED walls, projection and LCD monitors to market messages or digital images about your property.

Since multimedia displays typically use video and animation along with rotating images, advertisers can use digital signage featuring product descriptions, video testimonials, and static ads. Retail outlets are one of the most common platforms that use digital signage. Another option is to use beacons or electronic devices that automatically give out messages via Bluetooth to the nearby people, with activated Bluetooth on their devices.

5. Bank on Unique Shapes

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

Since real estate signs are quite common to see around, it’s quite easy for an average person walking or driving by your neighborhood to ignore your signage. All the more, conventional square-shape signage tends to effortlessly vanish into the background. An effective way to stand out is to choose uniquely shaped signage, such as rectangles, hexagons, pentagons or even stars.

You may also choose customized standees, depending on where it’ll be placed. Consider using flashy detailing that represents your brand and its personality, such as a stainless striking graphic, fonts, lighting, steel custom frame or just about anything that draws attention to your real estate yard sign. Some other methods that attract eyes through movement are helium balloons in vibrant colors, attached to your signage.

6. Factor in Longevity

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

If the property is located in an area with excessively rough or unpredictable weather, it’s important to design your signage accordingly. Here are a few ways to ensure its longevity under rough weather conditions.

  • For places with heavy rainfall or snow, use a metal signage with protective covering on the outside
  • For areas with high winds, choose a mesh signage that will allow easy passage of air

Another way is to change your vinyl signs while retaining the same frame, so you can use it over and again. This is a quick and affordable way to use the same frame for different sign variations. Considering the cost of designing a new custom banner is quite minimal, you can easily print bespoke messages for various properties, depending upon your requirement.

You may even want to remove your signage before massive weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. Removing your outdoor signs (except life-size installations like digital or illuminated signs) can help ensure their longevity by preventing exposure to harsh weather conditions.

7. Give something extra

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

Another way to make your real estate signage unique is to add something extra that’ll make it more useful and informative for the potential investors.

Brochure boxes – Use only brief, important information about a listing on your sign. For any further details, design an easy-to-grab brochure that people can take along with them and read later.

Business card holders – Inspire people to get in touch with you by putting up your business card in a quirky holder and attach it to the sign itself. Visitors are sure to take one with them and perhaps even contact you shortly.


Apart from these, there are several other ways to make your real estate signage a winning bet for your business. Considering the huge amount of options, it can be tricky to decide what works or even doesn’t work for you. Thankfully with DesignBro, planning, choosing, and designing your unique signage is simple. Since they work with only the top 5% of designers that submit their portfolio with them, you can expect only the best and most irresistible custom designs that work for your business.

Businesses accross the world have consulted DesignBro to build their brand with logo, website, packaging design and much more.

We can help you too!

How to Design an Effective Real Estate Signage

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