Freelance Designer – The Right Choice?

It’s 2018, and businesses all around the world are competing to find that upper-hand that will pull customers in their direction, rather than that of their competitors. And, by now, most are aware of the importance of having a great logo. But the whole process of getting one can seem intimidating and a little bit difficult. How do you even go about getting a logo?

The reality is that you’ve got a number of ways to get your logo: you could go for the online logo maker, the design contest platform, or the professional design agency. The other choice is, of course, the freelance designer.

To help you figure out which route to take, we’ve broken each of these different ways down, showing the pros and the cons.

So, let’s delve into the question “Is the freelance designer right for you?”

What is a freelance designer?

A freelance designer is a self-employed designer that takes on different projects to make a living. It’s a little difficult to talk about them in a general and broad sense since each one has their own distinct portfolio, skill-set, costs and schedule. This means that your experience may greatly differ from one freelance designer to the next, as will the costs. The abundance of distinct graphic designers makes it difficult to narrow down what your experience will be like. The main key, applicable to all freelance designers, is that you, as the client, would be dependent solely on the individual. This may be riskier than choosing to get your logo in another way.

Find A Freelance Designer

Finding a designer may be difficult if you’ve never done it before. If you have friends who can recommend one, that’s usually best because you know they are trustworthy. If you don’t have anyone who can recommend a good freelance designer, use Google and read some reviews.

A freelance designer is an interesting choice to get your logo design made. They can better tailor your business logo to your company’s needs and work closely with you to ensure it is exactly as you want it. But, with a freelance designer, two things are key to guarantee a great logo: careful choice and efficient communication.

In terms of making the right choice, there are a lot of freelance designers out there, and there is some risk involved when finding the right one. It is important to take the time to carefully evaluate their portfolios, and use all the tools you have to ensure that they are the right choice for your company. Otherwise, you might end up with a logo far from what you were hoping for.

Making It Work

Efficient communication is vital when dealing with freelance designers. You need to make sure the designer you are working with has a clear picture of your brand, your target audience, what you’re looking for, and the needs of your company. They need to understand all of this to give you the business logo you want. Moreso, you need to be able to communicate when a logo you receive isn’t exactly what you were looking for. Communication will ensure you get the best for your buck, and will make designing your logo less of a guessing game for your designer.

Many freelance designers will also require prepayment. Our suggestion? Ask for a partial prepayment and deliver the rest upon completion to ensure you get what you want. Moreover, make clear written agreements about when the work should be delivered, as you want to make sure your freelancer doesn’t miss their deadline. After all, you are dependent on the individual.

Should I Look For A Freelance Designer?

All in all, a freelance designer is a decent choice if you can afford the time to pick the right designer. In terms of cost, this depends on the designer you’ve gone for. Some designers may take a lot longer than others, so the time it will take you to get your logo is hard to pinpoint. But, if you’ve picked wisely, you’re likely to get a logo that is uniquely suitable to your brand and of higher quality than online logo makers. Freelance designers also tend to be more specialized, which may mean they are better suited to do what you need.

However, if you’ve picked the wrong designer, you risk paying a lot more than you should be for a low quality business logo. This is why it is important to carefully evaluate the different freelance designers you can pick from. Freelance designers also tend to work at their own times, so getting in contact with them can sometimes be difficult. Moreover, some freelance designers prefer to maintain the copyright for their designs, which may come as a surprise and prove challenging for your company. Make sure to discuss all these aspects prior to choosing a designer to avoid surprises.

Going for a freelance designer can be a risky choice, and definitely requires a larger effort from your side to ensure everything goes according to plan. However, if the right choice is made and everything is communicated adequately, you are likely to get great results. If you’re not convinced with the freelance designer, and are looking for the most cost-efficient option, DesignBro offers quality logos from experienced designers for only $199, and ensures you get a variety of options, from experienced designers, for an affordable price. Start your project today, and get your logo before you know it. 

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