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A geometric logo, just as its name indicates, is composed of geometric elements. They can be square-like, circular, triangular, or even hexagonal for example. This modern-looking type of logo design doesn’t have organic or human-hand-deriving shapes. Rather, regular structures are used to create images of almost everything, from mountains to animals ,and even food figures.

The circle is known as the mother of all the geometric shapes. It’s the archetypal shape from which all other geometry is drawn, therefore, it usually gives a basis to a geometric logo. However, modern designs today require not only a solid foundation. It also craves for a bit of creative spice.

So, let’s review a few geometric logo ideas which may work perfectly for your business. The main categories that we will be exploring today include:

  • Modern and Millennial Logos
  • Vintage and Retro Geometric Logos
  • 3D Geometric Logos

Modern and Millennial Logos

Geometry is currently a prevailing trend across the design industry. These logos are perfect for recreating the futuristic sci-fi look. In order to slightly soften the cold aesthetic feel they may transmit, designers often use warm, pastel color palette to create them.

One of its branches, modern and millennial logos, are not only already innately modern, but have an added modernistic touch to it. Keep in mind that a well-designed logo will help boost awareness and is aimed at improving your brand identity.

One of the important rules is that your logo design should feel fresh and relevant for a long period of time. With modern geometric logo design, you’ll be able to tick all these boxes. Although geometric, modern and millennial logos were once seen as too mathematical and cold, in 2019, there has been a significant upward trend in these types of visual aesthetics.

Here are some great examples of modern and millennial geometric logos that can potentially inspire your next logo design:

1) Freda Luxury Basics

Freda Luxury Basics Logo

Strikingly modern ‘Freda’ logo seen below is a simple idea for business logo design. It’s neat like most of the geometric design styles and is extremely simple and raw which fits well with their luxurious character. At the same time, it does not appear too cold and rigid due to the friendly color palette which is used to soften its look and feel.

2) Catalyst Design Studio

Catalyst Design Studio Logo

Another great example of a modern geometric logo is the one created by DonnDesign for Catalyst design studio. The colorful, classy, abstract shape creates a feeling of timelessness. Whether you’re looking for a brand new logo for your business or considering a quick rebrand, try out some geometric designs if you want to keep it exceptionally simple and clean! Your business will thank you later.

3) Greymax

Greymax logo

At its most basic, a logo is a small artwork that becomes the face of a business. This Greymax logo is one that has been recently updated, and as seen here, it has incorporated the modern geometric style into its design. In order to achieve a simple shape that highly symbolizes the essence of the business to its very core, the logo refers to architecture in a smart way. By looking at this logo, consumers will be able to easily tell that the company focuses on architecture.

4) Modern Scandinavian logo

Modern Scandinavian logo

Among the various design trends that are continuously rising and falling, modern geometric logo designs, and especially modern and millennial, aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Their simplicity makes them stay afloat. Look at this modern Scandinavian logo for a housing company. Not much has been said, but everything is already clear.

Vintage and Retro Geometric Logos


Vintage and retro geometric logos, compared to the previous minimalistic youthful ideas, may seem old-fashioned to you. But believe it or not, they aren’t. It’s worth knowing that geometric shapes can either make a logo look modern or super old depending on how it’s being used. Evoking a feeling (in this case, a nostalgic feeling), is the first thing you should aim for when creating a vintage and retro geometric logo.

Geometric shapes already have their mathematical precision which makes them stand out, so now it’s time to talk about emotions that can be derived from such figures. Circles, squares, triangles may seem very stiff and boring, but there are many ways in which you can add some life to it.

Do you remember the vaporwave aesthetic? This 1980s depiction of the future had a huge selling potential just a few years ago. Nostalgic or retro futuristic style can be a great fit for your business if you’re a vintage electronics dealer or a thrift store that sells vintage clothing.

Keep in mind that your logo does not have to be complex for it to tell a story well. In actuality, you should aim for it to look as simple as possible. Geometric logos can come in handy when you want to use basic shapes to tell smart and nuanced stories. Specifically, vintage and retro geometric logo designs can add a cool, creative, and contemporary vibe to your brand’s logo.

For inspiration, check the images down below to see how these basic geometric shapes can be used to create larger patterns.

1) Greystone

Greystone Logo

This art deco logo by S. Kitanović conveys class and simplicity while also evoking a bit of nostalgia at the same time.

2) Monster Scooter Parts

Monster Scooter Parts Logo

Well-crafted geometric logos are able to summarize a brand’s entire identity in a succinct manner. If you look back to one of your favorite aesthetic styles, make sure to apply geometric shapes wisely especially so if you are aiming for more of crazy look. As an example, let’s take a look at this vaporwave carousel by Black Arts 888. The

3) Lustre

Lustre Logo

This pretty logo designed by Alexandra Kovacs illustrates a retro-like diamond. Geometric logos’ influence is truly powerful since they can represent various universal symbols. This is what makes them strikingly memorable. That being said, we should not forget that the way you lay out these geometric shapes should be distinct. After all, your business’ values, personality, and goals, should all be clearly communicated within your design. Otherwise, they can easily be lost among others.

4) Bakershop

Bakershop Logo

Bakery, wine room, perfumery, and every other services that are somehow connected to family and tradition are the best fit for simple geometric vintage and retro logo designs. However, you must make sure that you are not losing sight from the wise choice of colors.

Bright palette always works great with less organic shapes, and the font should equally be significant. Although this Bakeryshop’s logo may not have color, each of its elements still strongly communicates the brand’s purposes. You can see the shapes of the loaf of bread and wheat that highly symbolize the products of a bakery. Therefore, even without color, this logo design definitely works.

When creating a logo, focus on making it timeless. To keep your logo design looking modern for the longer term, consider using clean, minimalist lines.

3D Geometric Logos

A 3D logo is a 3 dimensional logo which can be created using any 3D software. They communicate a sense of order and power like no other, but why is it so? It is because they are man-made (this kind of rough shape doesn’t occur in nature) and are mainly computer-based.

Perfect squares and rectangles, as well as infinite circles, mark out the path for the ultra contemporary 3D geometric logos. A brand is much more than the sum of its parts and 3D constructions of companies’ logos can take this to another level. 3D logo designs are not only for architectural firms. In fact, they can work great with other types of businesses such as schools, development of any kind, or personal trainer. An awful lot of connections can be built here.

What if we go completely against the tide and just start with letters and numbers? These are not exactly logos, but your company may definitely get some inspirational ideas from this.

logo with numbers

3D logos seem naturally vamped-up, like these four notable examples. Imagine if they were just completely flat! They would give a totally different look and feel to it. In this case, they would just seem a little older and outdated. Keep in mind that these 3D logos is style that resonate with younger, tech-savvy audiences.

3D logos

Look how Anano Martsvaladze beautifully played with negative space with the letter ‘T’ in the second example of the image below. They probably decided to do this to communicate the brand’s modernity. Therefore, when creating your logo design, remember that your choice of each design element should serve and strengthen the following goals: embody your brand, be instantly recognizable, versatile, and timeless.

Anano Martsvaladze 3D logo

Anano Martsvaladze T logo


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