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Trying to find a logo designer sounds easier than it is. You’ll get thousands of individuals and businesses telling you that they can do it. The real question remains, can they do an awesome job & help you create your perfect brand?

We can look at a logo as a solid bridge that connects your product to your brand. When a person sees a logo, his or her brain starts a chain of associations that cause different expectations. Each customer constantly subconsciously evaluates and tries to predict whether the product is useful or not. “Is it of high quality?” ”Do I really need it?” This is when the logo comes into play, suggesting what the customer can expect from the product.

This small image, called logo, performs the following great and important functions: it distinguishes the company among its competitors, provides a legal guarantee of property, ensures customer trust, and creates aesthetics and uniqueness of a company. It is definitely worth paying a lot of attention and time to create a logo. Each brand is recommended to find a graphic designer to help make a company look the best it can in the eyes of its target audience.

How to find a graphic designer for your project?

  1. Behance and Dribbble

These two are popular designer platforms. It’s where designers from around the world showcase their best works, place beautiful graphic presentations as well as single pictures. It is very easy to find a designer on either Behance or Dribbble, see his or her portfolio and estimate whether the designer can help your business project. On there, you can quickly and easily find mentions of DesignBro, find graphic designers who are working in our projects and form your own opinion about ​​our team. There is also a popular blog platform called Medium where you can find graphic designers writing about their professional experience.

  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Social media platforms are among the most common resources for finding everything or everyone in the world. How to find a designer? You can do it by either advertising on your page that your brand is hiring a professional or through joining thematic groups. Friends in social networks are very active. Consequently, the response is quite high. All you need to do is write what you are looking for, specify the responsibilities and requirements for a graphic designer, and perhaps your he or she will contact you. However, you can wait for a rather long time to get a response or get a completely different designer to the one you are searching for. As for Twitter and Instagram, a lot of graphic designers post their work there so that they can be quickly found by business owners.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a huge resource to gain great professional connections. On this platform, you can easily find a designer, view his profile and CV and start communicating. It is home to various designers who are waiting to start working on awesome and interesting projects. You can also see their portfolios and design projects, what they have achieved as well as read recommendations from other clients and employees.

  1. Personal designer websites

By looking at a designers’ personal website, you can immediately get an idea of ​​their work style and values. How do you like the design of the site and his or her work? The website of a designer is his business card as well as the key to understanding whether this designer is suitable to work on your project or not. However, not all designers will devote their time to their website’s development as they may be finding more opportunities through social networks or design platforms.

We have described the most common options on how to find a graphic designer to create your logo. However, all these methods have their disadvantages: you will have to spend a lot of time searching and choosing a designer, trying to understand each-other, agreeing on conditions and arranging payment.

You can avoid all these issues by contacting DesignBro and we will help you find a graphic designer. Each logo designer in our team has a lot of professional experience and an impressive portfolio. We develop original and custom-made logo designs in several variations. You can choose from 3 to 10 logos for your business. At each stage of the project, we will work closely with you and communicate to give you the perfect result that will exceed your expectations.

How the DesignBro team will work with you? 

In the beginning, you just fill in a creative brief in which you will describe your wishes, your target audience, and emphasize the uniqueness of your business.

Soon after, our designers will get to work on your project and send you their unique logo creations. Next, you will choose which designers you like best and would like to continue working with.

At the third stage, you choose three finalists who will enhance your logo. Afterwards, you will work only with one finalist who will complete your logo and prepare all the necessary files. Your logo is ready to show it to the world!!

How to find a designer on DesignBro?

You have already understood that the main competitive difference of DesignBro is that our design team takes into account your expectations at each stage of the project and each graphic designer delivers you the highest quality logo options for your business. At each stage in the process of creating a logo, you are an important participant.

See DesignBro’s portfolio on our website and be inspired by our logo design projects! You always have a choice and our mission is to provide you with the highest quality affordable logo design for your business!

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