How to Make Video Posts for Social Networks That Encourage Interaction

Video has proven to be an incredibly effective marketing tool, kicking out blogs and infographics from the leading position when it comes to the media used in content strategy.

Demand for video content is growing: 86 % of consumers surveyed last year said they want to see more video content from brands while on social media, video ranks among consumers’ favorite type of content. In addition, 91 % of surveyed marketing experts said they have a satisfactory ROI when it comes to video marketing on social media. Actually, 93% of marketers who use video say that it is an indispensable part of their marketing strategy. So it should come as no surprise that social media marketers rely more on video content than ever before.

Why Should Video Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy?

As one of the most valuable resources, the video must be at the center of your social media strategy. Tutorials, promotions, interviews… you should use all that and place it in the right form on social networks. Of course, make sure that you place all of that on the website you have built to promote yourself. The process of making the presentation of your business on the Internet can be done in various ways, either by using one of the website builders or by using WordPress. Both ways will do the job, the only difference is whether you are technically inclined or not. If not, go for option no.1.

Now, back to the original topic… Short videos are ideal for attracting attention. A short tutorial or likable useful detail will guide visitors to your social media much more effectively than a lengthy manifesto. There is room for the latter further in the marketing process. You can also use videos on social networks to creatively transmit your brand story and build an emotional connection with followers. The video format offers endless possibilities for re-editing, repurposing, and recalling unforgettable moments.

In the end, the ROI is impressive for every single piece of video content. According to research, including videos in your social media content can increase the number of views by 48 %. Increasing the visibility of each individual video results in an obvious competitive advantage.

The Position of Videos Today in Relation to Audience Interaction

The significance of video today is far greater than it seems to everyone at first glance. It became key in communicating and interacting with the audience.

We have a question for you. What was that you did the last time you logged in to your Facebook or Instagram account? Are we right to assume that you browsed the feed, looked at a couple of pictures, liked a post, and maybe, just maybe, stopped to see a video or two? We are sure you have spent more time watching the video than any photo or visual, and the video is what you remember the most. Well, that happens for a reason. Movement, occurring, and expectation draw your attention. Quick videos not only get people’s attention, but they also keep it. The topic of the video hits exactly where it should, arouses emotions in people, which further leads to liking, commenting, and sharing.

Do you remember the original goal of Instagram? It was conceived as an application intended for posting photos. However, the creators (inspired by the options offered by Snapchat) decided to introduce Instagram Story (i.e. stories that last 24 hours and allow you to post short videos), and then the IGTV option (a slightly longer video format that users can put permanently on their profiles). And why all that? Because of the fact that the newly created application TikTok set new standards in the field of video content on social networks.

Of course, the novelties of the Instagram platform did not end there. Reels came – Instagram’s option that was modeled on TikTok. This new Instagram video format allows users to create short videos with the option to add music, just like on TikTok. Users now have the option to leave comments below them, as well as to find out which song is in the background. Judging by the reactions of influencers, brands, and companies, Reels is being used increasingly and is becoming a very popular option on social media.

When Is the Best Time to Post a Video and How Long Should It be?

Let’s break it down by platforms (we excluded YouTube here because it is a video platform in its essence and it requires a strategy that differs compared to interactive social networks such as those we listed below):


The ideal length for a marketing video should be much shorter than a maximum of four hours that Facebook videos can last. This applies to making a video ad, too. If you can make it last 15 seconds – that’s fantastic. A 3-minute length is what you should aim for if your goal is to express more complicated messages.

According to data, the best time to post a video on Facebook is between 8 and 10 a.m. on weekdays, just before peak user activity. Be aware that most people will not watch your entire video, no matter how long it is. According to experts, the average length of time spent viewing videos on Facebook is 4.57 seconds.


By default, Instagram videos can last up to a minute, but it is recommended to keep them much shorter. Aim for 26 seconds because videos of that duration on average cause the most engagement on Instagram.

Although Instagram has a high degree of interaction from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays, the best time to share videos on Instagram is in the late evening.


Videos on Twitter used to be limited to 30 seconds. Then Twitter prolonged the allowed video playback time to 2 minutes and 20 seconds. However, users have become accustomed to the original video duration limit. As a result, Twitter videos should be kept for up to 30 seconds.

The best times to tweet a video are between noon and 6 p.m.


According to marketers, you should try to keep LinkedIn videos at 15 seconds or even less than that.

As for the best time to post on LinkedIn, it is from Tuesday to Thursday, usually between 8 am and 11 am.


Similar to Twitter, TikTok originally had a limited video duration of 15 seconds before eventually enabling videos of up to 60 seconds.

Keeping short and interesting videos is warmly recommended on a platform that has risen sharply due to its 15-second videos. Statistics suggest that the best time to post on TikTok is from 6 am to 9 am and from 10 pm to 11 am.

Make the Most Of Your Video: Spread It Far and Wide

It is obvious that the video has a lot to offer on social networks. There is no reason to limit video marketing to just one platform. You can get a lot more by sharing high-performance videos with your audience across multiple channels.

However, keep in mind that the more channels you use, the longer it will take you to maintain a consistent video presence. Many native tools also allow you to schedule videos, and social media management tools can help you automate the process.

How to increase video viewership? Dealing with the target group implies a set of several mutual activities that lead to the desired goals. One of these activities is the use of video content that will attract the attention of the target group in an interesting, appealing, and tempting way.

Here are some tips on how to increase the viewership of your video content:

Video Content

To give your audience a satisfying viewing experience, it’s crucial to ensure the quality of the content while sharing videos on social media. Using a video compressor is one way to accomplish this. Without compromising on quality, video compressors shrink the size of the video file, making it quicker and easier to upload and share on social media. But, to prevent the video from losing too much detail, it’s crucial to utilize a high-quality MP4 compressor. Moreover, test the compressed video to make sure it still looks fine and is simple to view before publishing it. You can make sure your videos are of a good standard and interesting for your social media audience by following these guidelines.

You will need an audience that will enjoy and be interested in the material. Give them content that solves a problem, saves time, and is enjoyable, useful, and interesting. The material can vary depending on the target audience, but the most important thing is to elicit emotion and encourage engagement with that audience.

This is the most effective method for increasing video viewership. People would like content that solves a problem, i.e., content that is high quality and insightful.


Due to the increasing ‘bombardment’ of video materials on social networks, in addition to the quality content that should be singled out, it is necessary to be creative in copywriting, i.e. the textual description of the post. This will draw those followers who may not otherwise want to watch the video, as well as increase the number of interactions (likes, shares, comments, the post saves…).

Even a video that does not solve any problem but has a good copy can make a great interaction with followers and thus increase the overall quality of the post, which the Instagram algorithm will recognize as valuable. Finally, that is of great importance.

Using Hashtags

The long-known alternative of searching for specific topics and interests through hashtags (this only applies to Instagram), which are otherwise used to categorize content, now allows them to be used for the right purposes, such as increasing the popularity of posts – in this case, increasing video viewership.

Sponsoring Posts

When all the above tips are followed and everything is done in accordance with a pre-designed strategy and content, it is time for the activity that should conclude the procedure and lead to the expected results, and maybe even exceed them.

Getting the best possible result with as little money as possible is always the goal. To achieve this you must properly optimize sponsored posts. It is done via Facebook Ads Manager.

There is something called ThruPlay video optimization which means that the ad will be optimized to reach people who will watch the video to the end. This is certainly the case when it comes to 15-second videos or less. Facebook can, however, use ThruPlay optimization for videos longer than 15 seconds. Its aim is to target advertisements to people who are more likely to watch a video for at least 15 seconds.

The recently introduced option, which relates to budget spending, is of particular importance. Namely, there is a possibility to choose to spend on the basis of impressions or on the basis of ThruPlay.

  • With the impressions option selected, you will be charged when at least one part of the video ad is shown.    
  • With the ThruPlay option selected, you will be charged when the video ad plays for up to 97 % of the time or up to 15 seconds – whichever comes first.

The ThruPlay option certainly brings a better result, as it increases video viewership, while the post is delivered to people who are more likely to watch the video for at least 15 seconds.

Video advertising, which is used effectively, has a unique ability to connect with viewers almost instantly and attract them with a unique visual experience. This means that now is the right time for businesses to take full advantage of video advertising. For example, you can start off with a free online video maker, just to test the waters and see what happens. If you require more professional help, maybe at some point you’ll outsource video editing.


Take a moment and start creating interesting and short videos that will best present you to your clients or customers. This is the time of the video. Don’t let this opportunity for greater engagement on social media pass you by.

Even if you have the best content and your feed looks fantastic and stands out, you will probably end up with the difficulty of attracting a new audience. This is where video can help you a lot.

Take your time and dedicate yourself to this type of posting. To create a quality video, it is not necessary to have professional equipment, a top-of-the-art camera, or a whole team of people around you. You can record videos with your own smartphone without any problems given that all new generations of mobile phones have cameras of extremely high quality and edit using a free editing software. The most important thing is to have an idea and a will, then you can do everything.

Creating a video concept can take a little more time, but it will definitely bring you more views. It is worth it. So grab your phone, turn on the camera, and get creative!

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