Getting Started:

Your Brand Identity Design Project


Imagine it’s a sunny day in southern California, the waves are crashing against the shore and you can hear the kids playing on the beach. But, inside, you’re facing a challenge. You’ve decided that the next logical step for your business, Sarah’s Surf Shop, is investing in brand identity design. You want to create a coherent image of your brand that stands out and resonates with clients. But, then again, you don’t have the money to invest in a huge agency, nor do you want to waste your money on poor quality.

And, suddenly, amongst the results you’ve been scanning for a while now, DesignBro. It’s in your price range, offers a full brand identity design package, and ensures high quality. You’re sure this is the right path to take, but you’ve always been a strong believer in doing things right.

So, here we are. A coherent guide in how to take advantage of everything DesignBro has to offer so you can get the brand identity design you need.

We understand looking for the perfect brand identity design can be stressful and overwhelming. But, once you get started, you’ll realize it’s all rather simple, especially when using DesignBro. Sit back and relax as we take you through the process of creating the perfect brand identity design briefing, that is sure to get you what you’ve been looking for.

Your Guide

Step 1: Show us your style

We completely understand that you don't get custom brands created on a daily basis. To make life easier, we've provided some examples of logo's. You can use the checkmark to let us know if you think it's a good example for your project, or a cross if you think it's definitely the wrong direction for your new creation. If you feel indifferent, simply skip ahead & a new example will present itself. This greatly helps the designers grasp the particular visual styles that can be explored or avoided- they will not use these examples to copy anything: Our designers don't use templates.
Just make sure that you select at least 3 examples that you think are good, and you'll be able to continue to the next step!

Start Your First Step Now

Step 2: Determine your brand's DNA

These are the building blocks of your brand; as you can imagine, a local surf shop will want to look very different to an accountancy firm. This is where it's your chance to determine your brand's DNA. The closer you slide to the word, the stronger you feel about the attribute. For instance, if you're looking for a very serious brand, be sure to slide the slider as close to the word 'serious' as possible! Have a play around with it and try to imagine what your brand would be like if it was a person.

Step 3: Your target audience

Who are you targeting? A young, masculine, high income American? Or a mature female on an average income? This way the designer immediately can relate & make the perfect design with them in mind.

Step 4: Last questions: The good stuff

now that we have a general background on your brand, let's find out a bit more exact details. Remember, the more information you can provide, the better the designer can make your brand shine.

Existing Design?
First things first, we'd like to know if you already have a design & are changing it? If so, please let us know what you would like us to change & why! That way our designers will know which direction to go in, and what to avoid.

Brand name & Slogan
Seems a bit obvious, but, we'd really like to know what your brand's name is- this will be the main feature in the design. Similarly, if you have a slogan or sometimes called a tagline, you can let us know as well.

Additional Text
If you have anything else you would like to have included in the design, such as the year founded or anything else, you can include it in this field.

Company Description
As much as we'd like to think we have special powers, reading minds is not one of them. It really helps to know what it is your company does. The more background you share, the more designers can draw insipration & understand where you're coming from.

Ideas & Requirements
We understand, you've been quietly filling in all required fields, but in the meantime you could have been sitting on a burning question, or idea on how to make this. This is your chance: Any ideas you share will help the designers more than you can imagine. Anything at all can help!

The Competitors
Our designers would love to see who they're up against. Similarly, by uploading some key competitors, they can analyze what the category codes are- making sure your brand is exactly what it needs to be- just better.

The Inspiration
Seen anything truly amazing around, even from a different field? You can upload it right here, don't forget to describe what you think is great about it.

In general designers are great at choosing the right colors, but if you have any specifics in mind, you can do it right here.

We get it, it's a very long page, but all these questions are very important. They literally make the difference between a great brand, with a great brand story, vs just another design.

Let's get you started.

Get Your Brand Identity Project

Step 5: Add The Project Details

Allright, congrats, you've done the most difficult part. Now just select the last options on your project. If you would like a different project title (this is what the designers see) you can change it here.
Selecting the number of designs you would like to choose from. This is the number of 'design spots' that your project will feature, 'more spots' = 'more designs' to choose from, you can select any number between 3 and 10. You can read more about the number of designs presented, and why it should be between 3 an 10.
Once you've decided the number of designs, you can also choose if you would like your project to stay secret (NDA) this means the designers have to agree to the terms of the agreement before they get to see your full briefing.

Step 6: Payment Information

We're sure you've ordered things online before: just enter your details, select one of our payment methods and complete your order. If you're a business based in the EU it's worthwhile to enter your VAT number to make sure you won't get charged.

Step 7: Fill in the Brand Identity Design Brief

Once you’ve paid, you’ll be asked to fill in a brand identity design brief. Simply shed some light on what details you’d like printed on the front and back of a business card, in the top and bottom of a letterhead, and on a compliment slip. Supply whatever you think is important, including the names, emails, addresses, and anything else you’d like on there. Our designers will make sure to include this information so you won’t be disappointed. This is an important step since this is what will appear in your brand identity design. As soon as you’ve completed this, click “Finish” and…

Step 8: Your Project Has Been Created

Whoop whoop, congratulations! Your project is now live & the designers are starting to browse it already... Typically designers will start to read the briefing, brainstorm & then reserve a spot. You can expect to receive the first designs within 24 to 48 hours.

Examples of work

If you’ve already started a brand identity project and are wondering what to do next, click here for our Tips & Tricks guide to get the most out of DesignBro!