How Can UI Design Make Your Brand More Noticeable?

In the past, getting your brand noticeable wasn’t so complicated. You only had to run ads on television and ensure you provide products and services people need, and you’d be good to go. 

However, times are changing, and it takes more than an exciting TV ad to make your brand go viral, attain and sustain the visibility it needs.

As a marketer or business owner, it takes good marketing psychology to understand what your audience wants, what piques their interests, and how to create a strategy that connects with their emotions. 

UI design is one of the most effective strategies to employ to make your business stand out and stay noticeable in today’s competitive world. 

This article will reveal how an excellent UI design can give your business the visibility and awareness it needs to thrive.

Let’s get started. 

The role UI design plays in getting your brand more noticeable 

Every business has a unique story to tell. And while tagline and content are a great way to convey your brand’s message, they are not enough. 

To get your brand to stand out, you need to combine excellent content with great visuals, which is where a good user interface comes in.

A User Interface (UI) is the visual element of your design. It consists of your logo, fonts, colors, and other visible parts that enable your users to interact seamlessly with your product. 

Your brand’s visuals are a big part of how your users perceive your brand; it can create positive or negative emotions, depending on how you use them.

Your brand’s user interface is how you communicate to your customers, which is why you need to create a clear, unique, and compelling user interface to speak rightly to your customers.

How does a good user interface help promote your brand’s visibility?

A good user interface helps your brand become more noticeable in a number of ways. Check them out below:

1. A good user interface creates an emotional appeal to your audience

Creating an excellent user interface is customer-centric, making it focused on helping your customers achieve their goals anywhere your brand is (website, social media platforms, etc.) quickly. 

Seamless experiences create positive emotions, while complex and frustrating experiences create negative emotions.

Frustrating experiences repel customers, which makes your audience find themselves making conscious or unconscious decisions not to repeat such experiences.

On the other hand, positive experiences drive curiosity and motivate users to want to take repetitive actions.

Your product’s user interface spikes your user’s emotions which could be negative or positive, depending on how you design it. 

Your users judge your brand’s performance based on how seamless and pleasurable their experience is; if they enjoy it, they will attach an emotional bond to it, keep using it, and tell other people about it.

According to research, brands who inspire an emotional bond with their customers receive 3x more word-of-mouth advertising than brands who don’t connect emotionally with their customers. 

Also, 82% of marketers have reportedly used word-of-mouth advertising to increase their brand’s awareness.

By creating an interactive and seamless user interface for your customers, your users won’t only get inspired to interact with your brand consistently, they will also promote your brand to other people which will help increase your brand awareness. 

2. A good user interface is shareable 

A good user interface design enables users to share your content easily across different platforms.

For instance, when your users can easily navigate through your website, it’s easier for them to perform tasks and share your website links, a membership form, a promo offer across other platforms for others to see.  

Through this process, your brand is placed in front of many people to see and engage with, which increases your brand’s visibility.

3. A good user interface is compelling 

According to research, 65% of your customers are visual learners, and visuals increase your customers’ willingness to consume content by 80%.

An average online user’s attention span is very low, but an attractive, easy-to-use user interface sustains their attention span and allows them to spend more time on your page. 

A good user interface attracts your user’s attention and keeps them glued to your page long enough to read your content and take desired actions. 

A good user interface design also portrays your brand positively, reflects professionalism, and creates a good impression. 

People love to associate with beauty, professionalism, and positive emotions, and a good UI design creates that impression on your customers.

4. A good user interface makes your brand hard to miss

Whether users are scrolling through their social media pages or going through landing pages and websites, your brand’s attractive user interface design captures your audience’s attention and keeps them intrigued. 

5. A good user interface makes your brand unforgettable 

Although many businesses are doing what you do, creating a unique user interface makes your brand stand out from the crowd.

A good UI design is consistent. This means all your fonts, logo, and colors should be consistent among the different platforms you put your business on. 

The unique aesthetics of your brand helps you establish your brand’s voice and personality, thereby making your brand memorable to your audience. 

For example, when you see the McDonald’s M logo, you know it’s McDonald’s.

How Can UI Design Make Your Brand More Noticeable?

The McDonald’s brand logo, as well as its color, is registered in your mind, so it’s easy for you to spot and recognize it anywhere you go.

For your brand to stay recognizable and memorable to your audience, it needs to be consistent on every platform. 

This means the logo and color on your website should be the same as the logo and color on your social media pages, business cards, and other platforms your brand is present on. 

Also, your UI design should align with your brand’s values and goals. It should translate your brand’s messaging uniquely, to single you out from the rest of your competitors.

With a consistent and unique user interface design for your brand, your business will become noticeable and memorable in the minds of your audience. 

Best user interface practices to make your brand instantly noticeable

How Can UI Design Make Your Brand More Noticeable?

Creating an excellent user interface design that brings your brand to the limelight takes thoughts and efforts. 

Below are the different factors to put into consideration to make your brand more noticeable. 

1. Conduct a UX research 

User Experience (UX) works hand in hand with User Interface Design to create a memorable experience for your customers. 

Although there has been a constant debate on UI vs UX, it is essential to note that UI design and UX, though inseparable, are two different concepts.

UX is concerned with the customers’ journey, including your customers’ needs and the challenges they encounter when using your product. 

UI design, on the other hand, uses the buyers’ information discovered by UX research to create the tools needed to fulfill customers’ desires and solve their problems. 

Therefore, conducting UX research gives you insights into what your customers want to see and how they want to interact with your business.

These insights serve as a guide to help you map your customer’s journey so you can create an enjoyable experience for your customers through an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. 

2. Create an attractive and engaging design

Creating an attractive design goes a long way in capturing and sustaining your audience’s attention.

However, your type of design, such as your fonts and colors should be determined based on your target audience and the impression you want to create in their minds. 

For example, your targets are active millennials; using bright colors, large images, and short, straightforward forms will work better than using dull colors.

Creating an attractive user interface that resonates with your customer’s needs and wants will engage your audience better than an unattractive user interface design your audience can’t relate to. 

3. Hire professionals

Hiring a professional UI designer is essential to creating an effective user interface design that makes your brand noticeable. 

This is because UI design isn’t just about your brand’s fonts and colors; it’s about creating a customer-focused layout your audience finds easy to work with. 

This means your UI designer should know more beyond designing your brand’s logo. Your UI designer should be able to identify your customers’ needs and map out their journey on your website to suit these needs. 

A good user interface designer should communicate your brand’s mission, values, and vision in the most engaging and compelling way possible. 

A professional UI Designer should tell your brand’s story in an exciting way, such that your customers see your brand as an interesting book they don’t want to stop reading.


A good user interface is vital to making your brand more noticeable and increasing its visibility online. 

However, creating an excellent user interface requires careful planning and strategy to get the best results.

This article discussed the different ways a good user interface design helps make your brand more noticeable and best UI design practices to achieve a user interface that makes your brand more noticeable.

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