Colors and Emotion – Color Emotion Guide

Do you ever wonder why some colors are so heavily used in certain logos and not others? This is because colors can have an impact on our emotions.

In fact, they can play a powerful role in enhancing our mood and can make us feel a certain way about a brand. For this reason, designers pay special attention to the colors they use when creating logos or the overall visual identity of a business.

In this article, we’ll have a look at colors from a completely new perspective.

From this color emotion guide, let’s find out the impact each color can have on our emotions. With this, you’ll be able to create the best logos that your target customers can deeply resonate with.

Yellow for Optimism

Yellow is said to be a cheerful color. It’s associated with good times, happiness, and laughter. This is why you will see yellow extensively being used in restaurant logos such as McDonald’s.

McDonald's logoSome other famous brands that use the color yellow include IKEA, Best Buy, and Nikon. Some even use a mix of different colors; Nikon, for example, uses a mix of yellow, black, and white.

Orange Shows You’re Friendly

Orange is associated with friendliness, which is why it is commonly used when it comes to kids product logos. Plus, shades of red and yellow also fall under this category.

fanta logoSome popular brands that use the color orange include Nickelodeon, Shutterfly, Starz, and Fanta.

Red Highlights Excitement

Red is among the brightest colors and is associated with excitement, embarrassment, lust, passion, and anger. In addition to this, red is also known to increase appetite which is why many food and beverage brands tend to use this color.

KFC logo

Since a lot of warning signs use red, we also often associate it with danger. However, emotionally, the color red is typically said to make us feel excited.

Some popular logos that use the color red include Lays, Canon, KFC, and Coca Cola.

Purple Sparks Creativity

Purple is associated with imagination and wisdom. Some popular companies that use this color in their logo designs include Yahoo!, Taco Bell, and Hallmark. All three companies use different shades of the color but they give the same message.

HallmarkCompanies that come up with creative ideas or use unique concepts often use this color in their logo.

Blue Equals Trust

It may sound insane to some people but humans are conditioned to trust some colors more than others. Blue is said to be the color of trust which is why a large number of brands including HP, Dell, IBM, and Facebook use this color in their logo design.

DELLWhen you think about it, you will realize that these companies are associated with technology and data and since they often deal with the latest tech, it can be difficult for people to rely on them.

The use of the color blue can motivate people to trust in what these brands have to offer. However, the color is not only exclusive to tech companies. Some other brands that include the color blue in their logos are Flickr, Oreo, and Ford.

Green Indicates Peace

The color green is known for being the color of earth. We all want a green planet because the color is associated with peace. When we see this color, we feel positivity and peace.

Spotify LogoThis is why a large number of companies use different shades of the color when creating their logos. Some examples include Spotify, Tropicana, Animal Planet, and Holiday Inn.

Gray Reflects Balance

This is a unique color as it has a neutral meaning. According to experts, shades of gray do not have an impact on our emotions. One of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, uses gray in its logo design.

Wikipedia Logo

According to some reports, gray can also have a calming impact on us. This is also why it is not uncommon for hospitals to use this color.

Some other companies that use this color include Wikipedia and Honda. In addition to this, black is also commonly used to compliment other colors.

What Science Has to Say about Color Emotion

There isn’t much information available on color psychology, but scientists believe that colors can have a positive or negative impact on our emotions.

This is why some colors are now also used in therapy. Red, for example, is used in chromotherapy, a technique that involves the use of colors to heal.

Originally a part of the Chinese and Egyptians medicine, the technique is still used as an alternative treatment. It mainly includes colors that we have discussed above:

  • Red: is said to stimulate the mind and body and improve blood circulation.
  • Yellow: is said to purify the body and stimulate the nerves.
  • Orange: is said to improve lung health and increase energy.
  • Blue: is said to reduce pain and provide relief.
  • Indigo: is said to help get rid of skin conditions.

Although there is no scientific research that proves the impact of chromotherapy, there are reports that verify the impact of colors on our mood.

A study found that warm-colored pills were more effective than cool-colored pills. Another study found that installing blue streetlights can cause a reduction in crime. This is because the color blue can have a calming effect on us.

A group of scientists also found that the color red can get people excited and make them react with greater force and speed. This is why some experts believe that this color should be used in relation to sports.

Which Color Should I Choose?

You need to create a logo that includes the right color scheme. This can be difficult for someone who does not understand the impact of colors on human emotions.

To save you from having to learn all about color psychology, it would be best to get in touch with a professional logo designer who truly understands the role that colors play.

At DesignBro, we house a bunch of skilled graphic designers who are able to create stunning and unique visuals for your business, whether that would be your logo, packaging, or brand identity.

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