How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Build a solid foundation for your construction company brand identity - based on real-world data and color psychology insights.

In the crowded construction industry, having a brand that stands out and creates a memorable customer connection is key. The right logo and font play a role in your company branding, but the colors you choose are the most important element of all.

As many as 85% of consumers say that color is the biggest motivator behind choosing a company, and 92% agree that visual appearance is the most persuasive marketing tool. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right color palettes for your construction company’s branding efforts.

Color Psychology and Customer Response

Color psychology is a key aspect of effective marketing, and marketers across industries know just how important it is to choose the right colors for their brand. Many consumers make purchases on a subconscious level, which is why it is important to choose tones that are synonymous with the core traits of the products and services your business sells. Doing so can positively influence consumer purchase behaviors and ensure that you can keep the business rolling in.

According to research, the color red encourages impulse buying, while navy blue invoked a more budget-conscious and mindful spending response. Red is traditionally associated with feelings of urgency and determination, while the color yellow is usually associated with optimistic emotions. When these two colors are used together in a branding capacity, they may encourage feelings of urgent optimism within consumers to prompt them to purchase from a business as soon as possible.

Highlighting Your Brand Characteristics with Color

Research conducted by Insights in Marketing has revealed more information about color associations and how they can highlight certain brand characteristics and traits. The research found that a combination of blue, white and green instills trust. Yellow, white and red indicate speed. Yellow, brown and orange indicate affordability; and any combination of warm colors appeals to impulse buyers by creating the illusion of urgency.

Cool colors like blue, white and navy appeal to more budget-conscious shoppers who are looking for the best deal possible. According to Insights in Marketing’s sources, blue is the favorite color of US citizens by far. This research can shed light on how you can highlight the core characteristics of your construction brand with color. For example, if you want your brand to invoke certain responses like trust or urgency among your target audience, you can use these color palettes in your branding efforts to achieve the desired result.

Creating an Impression on Your Target Market

Here are our key tips for using your branding efforts to create an impression on your target market:

●   Base your branding strategy on your business’s niche. Taking advantage of your niche will help to set you apart from your competitors and set you up as an expert in a specialty sector.

Consider whether you usually work on commercial business construction projects, residential properties or both, and any unique skills and capabilities your company offers its clients. When you identify your specialized niche, you can work towards targeting a more specific audience and using key industry terms and effective color palettes in your marketing materials.

●   Reinforce your brand identity with a professional logo. If you’ve settled on a color scheme for your construction company, one of the best ways to reinforce it in a way that has an impact on your target audience is to use that color scheme in your company’s logo.

Do you want to be known for speed, trustworthiness, cost-effectiveness, or overall efficiency? Your logo and your branding should convey the nature of your business and its services to customers using color and other key design aspects.

It’s recommended that you hire a professional designer and discuss with them your business’s core mission and values. They can then communicate those aspects through your logo design. As a construction company, your logo and branding materials should ideally communicate qualities like strength, cost efficiency and durability to your clients.

●   Use your logo and brand colors across your marketing channels. The key idea here is to encourage your leads and customers to associate your chosen colors with your brand over time. The more you share your logo and branding across land-based and digital marketing channels, the more likely your customers will retain your brand messages and think of your company whenever they see the combination of colors you have chosen.

Considering Your Competition

Think about your company’s closest competitors. Which color schemes have they used for their branding efforts, and which core messages are they trying to convey? Once you have identified these answers, it’s time to consider whether you want to convey the same messages or to set yourself apart and carve yourself a unique niche.

For example, if your closest rival uses a predominantly red color scheme to convey strength, you could do the same. Or take a different approach and use blue and navy to show that your services are the more cost-effective option. If you choose a similar color scheme to your competitors, ensure that you make it subtly different by adding a few unique tones to ensure that your business stands out and your customers don’t confuse your brand with your rivals’.

The Perfect Color Palettes for Your Construction Company Branding

Each company in each industry within the greater construction sector should make use of different colors to reinforce the nature of the services they offer their customers.

General Construction

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

The best colors for a construction company logo include blue, green, red, black and brown. These colors are ideal as they invoke qualities like reliability, strength, cost efficiency, trustworthiness, and durability.

Interior Design

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Interior design firms’ branding color schemes should be chosen according to the styles of interior design that they use most frequently. Firms that specialize in minimalist design can use simple, neutral color palettes, while those that offer more eclectic options can choose a more diverse palette.


How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Many architecture firms stick to simple black and white logos and branding palettes. However, some also choose to pair a single bold color like red or green with a gray-scale font and an uncluttered background.

General Contracting

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Contractors are expected to offer reliable and cost-effective services, so the best color choices for their branding efforts would usually include blue, white, green and navy.


How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Engineering is a profession that demands precision and professionalism. Many engineer logos use a combination of blues and greens to convey intelligence, confidence, reliability and a high degree of capability.


How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Landscapers tend to work with natural outdoor elements. Their logos and branding color schemes should reflect this work by sticking to nature-inspired shades of green, brown and blue, as well as accent colors like red and yellow.

Make Color Count

How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

Your construction company’s choice of colors for its branding materials can convey its core traits and mission to customers in a subtle, yet effective way.

It’s important to remember that as your business grows, you’ll see these colors everywhere, from printed shirts to mugs, pens, on your vehicles, and other items branded with your logo. You’ll also use them in all your marketing material, whether online or in print. Even if you do radio ads, you want people to connect your marketing to your branding, and immediately recognize it when they see it again.

Work with a trusted graphic design firm that has experience in creating construction company logos. This will ensure that you engage your target audience with the right color schemes for your business.

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How To Choose The Right Colors For Your Construction Company’s Branding

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