Modern Ways to Use Color Blocking in Logos Design

Logo designing is all about creativity and uniqueness. Your business logo needs to be memorable yet different from all the other logos out there. This can be quite tricky given the huge number of businesses out there in the same niche.

Having said that, you may now wonder, how can I make my logo stand out? Well, you turn to color blocking.

What is Color Blocking?

Originally introduced to the world of fashion by Piet Mondrian, a popular Dutch painter, color blocking refers to exploring and pairing colors that are opposites on the color wheel.

This results in complementary and interesting color combinations. The trend was introduced in fashion but graphic designers today use it to give their logos an added twist to their appearance.

Let’s have a look at some well-known logos that have incorporated color blocking. We’ll also talk about some great tips on how to use this design technique.

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#1 Pepsi

pepsi logoPepsi is one of the most popular brands in the world today and its logo is undeniably recognizable. The iconic logo has red, white, and blue coming together, waving like a flag.

The decision to use blue and red together in a logo was quite a bold choice, but it has ultimately paid off. When this classic logo was launched about 50 years ago, it was met with universal critical acclaim and has now become synonymous with Pepsi’s brand.

#2 NBA

NBA logo

There are a lot of similarities between this NBA logo and the Pepsi logo we discussed above. Just like the Pepsi logo, it uses red, white, and blue to complete the image. However, the designer here has used different shades of the colors red and blue.

If you notice, the designer has used the white color in a very creative manner, giving it life in the form of a player running with a basketball in hand. It creates a negative space that helps enhance the contrast between red and blue.

This logo was designed by Alan Siegel in 1969, around the same time as the Pepsi logo. There has been some controversy regarding the player in the logo, with some people believing that it is supposed to represent Jerry West, a former Los Angeles Lakers player.

#3 Iberia

iberia logoThis logo paired red and a shade of yellow to create what became a very compelling logo design. The Iberia airline logo is not the first that have used the combination of these colors together. In fact, red and yellow has become quite a popular color combination for color blocking.

#4 eBay

ebay logoEven if you are someone who has never used eBay’s services, you probably must have seen its colorful logo before. This logo design includes a mix of colors which consist of red, blue, yellow, and green. All these unique colors come together to make the logo stand out.

The logo with overlapping colors was designed to represent eBay’s well-knit community. The logo has been upgraded a number of times over the years but the makers have retained the main color theme.

The colors create a high contrast between each letter. The logo may also remind some people of Google, another tech company that uses a mix of different colors in its logo design.

#5 Domino’s

Domino’s logoAs evident from this logo, color block techniques have been used by all kinds of companies in their logos and not just tech companies.

If this reminds you of the NBA and Pepsi logos discussed above then you’re not wrong. Domino’s logo also uses similar shades of red and blue. There is a lot of empty space in this logo which further enhances the appeal of the colors used.

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#6 FedEx

FedEx LogoThe FedEx logo is known for its many hidden meanings – concentrate on the negative space between letters ‘e’ and ‘x’ that creates a right-hand arrow. Yet, this logo also acts as another great example of color blocking.

The designer has used a dark shade of purple and has paired it side-to-side with a bright orange. These are the two colors that the company has heavily used in its promotional campaigns.

#7 Bank of America

Bank of America Logo

Blue and red are back again but here the designer has used darker shades of the color. Royal blue is mixed with a dark shade of red to create a logo that’s attractive, unique, and highly representative of the American national flag.

Most designers agree that the most attractive thing about this logo is the use of colors as it is quite basic otherwise. However, the lines drawn in a unique pattern are a good example of art and creativity that has been implemented in the logo design.

As mentioned earlier, these stripes are designed to denote the image of the U.S. flag. In fact, many people argue that the bank also was inspired by the American flag when it chose the colors for the design.

#8 Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins LogoHere, blue mixes with a shade of pink to create a kickass logo. The designer has used white space in a very clever manner here.

The text inside the circle does not only mention the name of the company but also has a hidden message.

Modern Ways to Use Color Blocking in Logos 

Now that we have seen some great examples of color blocking in logos, let’s have a look at some tips on how to use this technique when designing logos.

Turn to Popular Color Combinations

Some popular color combinations that you may use for color blocking include:

  • Red and blue
  • Red and yellow

As seen in the examples above, a lot of companies have already used these colors. If you want to stand out, you can use different shades of red, blue, and yellow.

However, you do not necessarily have to limit yourself to just these colors. Take FedEx’s purple and orange logo for example. As long as the color combinations create a great contrast when put side to side, you are good to go!

Take Advantage of White Space

You need white in order to ensure that the colors within your logo pops out. Plus, designers can even use negative space in a smart and sneaky why to leave hidden messages.

Avoid Images

While there is no harm in using images in your logo, it is best to create an image by using the available negative space as the NBA logo did. This way, your logo won’t look visually confusing or cluttered to your audiences.

The clever use of negative space has also become a very popular logo design trend within the past years. Therefore, it would be better to take advantage of that rather than using images.

Coming up with a unique combination of colors for color blocking to create a compelling design can be tough. Contact us today to find out how we can help you design an impressive logo for your business. We’ve got design experts on our team that will be able to guide you with choosing the best colors for your logo design.

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